Dell Android Tablet In The Works (and Working)


Right now the Dell Streak is 5-inches of an Android disappearing act… or a hasn’t-yet-appeared-act. When CEO Michael Dell showed off the device back in the day (in January) everyone was hot and bothered by its prospects. The Streak has launched but is still MIA in the USA.


That hasn’t stopped Dell – the man and the company – from confirming teasing an upcoming Dell Android Tablet that will compete with the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab amongst other competitors. He showed off the tablet at an Oracle conference on Wednesday, and the continued use of Android is promising.

We’ve heard a lot about Dell Androids but nothing yet has made a splash. A lot of talk but little walk. How do you think the Streak and the latest Dell Tablet will fare, amongst their other rumored offerings such as the Smoke, Flash and Thunder?

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  1. Well. If it comes in at a better “off-contract” plan than the Samsung Galaxy Tab, I might be interested. If the rumored price of the Tab is true, Dell better take notes and also take advantage. They’ll have a better chance at coming in at a reasonable price.

    The iPad is popular because it’s not 1000bux, it offers decent services and because Apple people will pretty much buy anything shiny jobs puts infront of them.

    The Samsung Tab has non of those things. Dell has a good opportunity to make up for Samsungs insanity.

  2. As long as they use 2.2+, it can do well. And keep that price low.

  3. Gee, if the Streak is MIA in the USA, what is this beautiful device I’m holding?

  4. I never thought I would see the day when Apple came in with a better price point than everyone else. Yet, here I am looking at the iPad and thinking it is a great deal.

    And thus is my hope/complaint with Android Tablets, couldn’t we at least hit the $499 mark to compete with Apple?

    And just for the record, I don’t want to be stuck with a data plan. Sure, go ahead and throw in the 3G antenna and capabilities, but let me choose if I want to actually use it.

    Android Tablets and phones that are coming out today or anytime in the near future must be running 2.2 or the company is doing themselves and us a great disservice.

  5. The streak has been available since August on Dell’s site. Additionally, it will be available at Best Buy in the next few weeks.

  6. Yup, agree with the first two posters:

    (1) Must be WiFi only and my phone can be the hotspot
    (2) Must keep the price below the equivalent non-3G iPad.
    (3) Must use the latest Android available and be quick to update to new versions as they come.
    (4) Must come with a My Little Pony (OK, just kidding on this one!)

    It can’t be that hard to do all that, right?

  7. Oh, and I’m not sure if I prefer 7″ or 10″ (no penis jokes please!)

  8. Isn’t it funny that Dell showed this Android tablet at an Oracle conference, while Oracle are suing Google?

  9. The Streak is really just a pebble thrown into the pond. I believe that Dell is going to be stepping up their Android game and really going after the enterprise markets.

  10. To all those think that using your phone as a hotspot for free forever. Those days will come to an end.

    Stop assuming that tethering the Galaxy will be a solution.

  11. Let me rephrase. They will charge for tethering soon at this rate. Service providers have been tracking bandwidth usage. Congratulations, android users use much more bandwidth than iphone users hands down.

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