Tablets Makeover Includes Galaxy Tab Pimping, Social Features


Looks like Samsung is already flaunting their Galaxy Tab on the company’s US website and I have to say its rather sexy:




They’ve also got two videos promoting the Galaxy Tab so make sure to check those out (where it says “watch this”).

This is the starting point of what execs are calling “a whole new Samsung community”.


You can see they build in Facebook, Twitter, Reviews from 3rd parties and a ton of content relevant to the shopping experience and more. It’ll be interesting to dive into this site and see how effective it is… but for now how about YOU dive in and leave your impressions below.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Official For AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & Verizon!

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  1. Notice the same lame Andorid facebook ap. This thing will crash and burn if there are not high quality apps for it. IPAD is popular not for the HW; but for the attention they paid to apps written specifically for it. I’m not overly confident this will not be a joke; because of the lack of decent sw.

  2. I can’t help but think why go to 7 inches instead of 10 when some of us have 4.3-inch phones.

  3. Because 10″ is not really portable. If you can’t stuff it in a pocket (abit a large pocket) or a belt case it is not portable in my books. Plus the iPad is too heavy to comfortably hold with one hand. If I am going to carry a bag of some sort I might as well take my 12″ netbook and get a real keyboard and the extra ports.

    My big internal debate is whether to get a 7″ tablet and have it co-exist with the smartphone, or upgrade to a 5″ smartphone which still will fit in a belt case.

  4. @derrickISONLINE I agree. Anything larger than a Dell Streak isn’t going to fit in a pocket…so a 7″ or a 10″ tablet will require some kind of bag/briefcase to carry it around. The only reason I can see for going with a 7″ would be if you will be holding in one hand for long periods of time (as bjtheone says.) But otherwise a 9″ or 10″ tablet just seems to make more sense.

  5. Totally agree with #3. The more I see this on the web, the more a 7″ tablet works for my needs, and the more I want one. I’d just love to actually see one in person to make the final decision, the waiting is driving me nuts.

  6. Personally I would love to have one of these to put my technical PDF’s on – as well as it would be great for watching movies in bed when you are sick – and web surfing – and apps like funny jokes, etc.

    I think the 7″ is great – I dont need 10″, why not just get a netbook *ugh* which is more bulky then IMO. And I would rather have 7″ to watch movies than 5″.


  7. I would buy this in a heartbeat if it didn’t require a (another)data plan. I would like to see a wifi only option.

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