Leaked T-Mobile Accessory Sheet Reveals Androids


Accessories wouldn’t make their way to a retailer for a product that doesn’t exist, so we can reasonably assume that the LG Optimus T, Moto Jordan and Moto Begonia are all T-Mobile bound. The previously unmentioned Dell Claire and Comet are also on the VIP list, but we can’t be sure what operating system they actually run.


It’s suggested that these dates identify when the accessories will arrive in store, and I wouldn’t imagine T-Mo would store a ton of accessories for fun for months just because. So it looks like these will be launched sooner rather than later if the tipster is on point.

Waiting for a T-Mo Droid Holiday purchase? This could be an early look at your options so stay tuned!

[Via TMOnews]

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  1. G2 Accessories are dated 9/27/10..

    Good indicator that the G2 will be sold by t-mobile at that same dates.

    HTC HD7? will that be a WinPhone7? or the MTHD?

  2. If its on T-Mobile, its not technically a Droid. Its an Android phone.

  3. I can’t imagine buying a Tmobile Moto phone after the awful support Moto has give the Cliq series.

  4. just because verizon uses it doesn’t mean its thiers…

    George Lucas’s Lucasfilm has the term locked up, thanks to trademark filings that date to 1977, the year C-3PO and R2-D2 first graced the screen in Star Wars. (Hey, there have even been droid phones before.) Lucasfilm trademarked “Droid” for use in the phone business in October 2009, shortly before Verizon’s device went on sale; read the fine print in ads for the Droid and Droid Eris and you’ll see an acknowledgement that the name is used under license from Lucas.

    Seems fair enough: People have called humanesque automatons “androids” since the 18th century, but George Lucas seems to have coined “droid” in his Star Wars script a quarter-millennium later.

    ….so unless you are george lucas, you are essentially buying an android phone whether its named something cool or not

  5. I’m with Stewe Jods on this one! G2 coming out sooner than expected!!!!

  6. omg i got my $550 Cash waiting for my g2 to come out!!!

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