Unreal Engine 3 May Be Headed to Android Soon


Don’t take this as a bit of official confirmation, but hearing it from the mouth of Epic’s Mark Rein – the company’s co-founder – pretty much seals a deal we’ve been waiting for: they’re developing their popular Unreal Engine 3 for the Android platform. We know they’ve been cooking up a nice pot of good Unreal goodness for Android for a while now with them showing the capabilities of the Engine running on top of a Tegra 2-powered Android, but that was just a tech demo.


A few days ago, Mark Rein said on Twitter that they’d just showed the engine running on a Samsung Galaxy S phone. He didn’t give any insight as to how the engine was running on it, but it must’ve been good enough to show it at a trade show. Later that evening, he gave this answer when asked if the UDK (Unreal Development Kit) would ever make its way to Android:

“…I suspect it will eventually but iOS is the priority for now.”

Not surprising to hear that they’re going full sail ahead with iOS, but it’s reassuring to know they’re working on Android and that it sits at the back of their mind. As we wait for even more devices to launch within the next few months that should give Epic enough juice to take tremendous advantage of with their hardware, we’ll settle with some popular iOS games making their way to Android one by one.

[via Droid Gamers]

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  1. Gears of War on a Galaxy or DInc would be sweet!

  2. yeah since i can’t play it on my ps3!!!

  3. but wait, if i can play it on a galaxy s and my ps3 is a DLNA server, that means i will be able to play it on my ps3 WOOT!!!

  4. It’s not reassuring to think about this sitting on the “back of their mind” while they focus on apples os. Imho, I believe there is way too much apple ball licking going on, it’s disgusting. At least there’s some devs that are showing much needed support.Hopefully this will show the bigger boys that there is a huge market for games on android too.

  5. @Alex.

    Profit, revenue, etc. = ball licking

    I’m sorry to say; Android is still a youngling, compared to the iOS ecosystem and there’s still plenty to iron out before it(Android) goes Jedi.. Honestly my only beef with android is that it’ll always be consider second rank until more people start adopting the OS. There’s plenty of ad spins going on in the US (which has THE best android line up in the world), but in the Great White North nobody even knows what Android is.

    Any Android handset that’s on Sprint/Verizon networks’ are none existent here. Think about it, if you cut Verizon and Sprint out of the picture, there’s next to no quality Android phones other than the Galaxy S line. Don’t get me wrong all of todays’ HTC announcements are fine-and-dandy and I’m excited for the Desire family but it’s still a month away from release and I just don’t see gaming devs spending as much time on an OS that’s not as proven as iOS.

    Trust me, we all hate the Apple ball licking too, but until Android is bigger than the US, it just wont be adopted by devs because there’s more money to be made in an already established ecosystem. One phone, one set of specs, one screen resolution. That’s seems a lot easier than the plethora of different Android handsets that come in all different shapes and size.

  6. The biggest problem isn’t the choice – that’s awesome – it’s the fact that each god damn device is different. I really can’t wait/pray google forces Gingerbread down everyone’s throat. No more waiting to update (all phones get it when it drops from google), no MotoBlur/SenseUI/Touchwiz 3.0 blah blah. Just one phone OS. Next would be streamlining hardware – they really need to cut it back. Motorola has it perfect – 2 different forms with 2 ideas – multimedia device vs social device. I admit the Droid 2 is kinda fugly compared to others, but it is still a very nice device.

    I really don’t mind the IOS treatment because if you want a different OS, you just run Launcher Pro/ADW.

  7. I think it’s about way more than the numbers of iPhones, too. It might be wonderful having 100 million Android hansets, but when half of them are G1’s and MyTouch’s and Tatoo’s and Cliqs and whatnot, the actual number of phones you can develop decent graphics for is not only smaller, but also incredibly difficult to find out. With iOS having four different phones, I imagine it’s very easy to know exactly what they’re developing and for how many people.

  8. “ios ecosystem” is dumb ass phrase. It ought to be banned. use of the phrase itself is a way of buying into the jobs mystic.

  9. It takes a little more of an open minded developer to work with Android because of the multiple versions of the OS out there, and the differences in every Android phone. So, I think it has less to do with the number of iFag users, and more to do with the fact that developers are lazy and just want to take the easy way out (ie develop for iOS).

  10. considering they have only showed it running on the tegra2 chipset and the galaxy s, the number of phones that will be able to run this engine on android will be very limited. to be honest, the 1GHz snapdragon phones such as the Evo 4g, droid x, ect… don’t have the graphical abilities that the galaxy s has, so they probably won’t be able to handle the unreal engine. my guess is they are going to release the unreal engine on android, however it’ll be when they have more phones that can handle it on the market. as or right now, we have the galaxy s, and soon the tegra2 based phones.

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