Sep 15th, 2010


Along with today’s announcement of the HTC Desire Z and HTC Desire HD came news of a revamped HTC Sense featuring an online component at The site will allow users to interact remotely with an HTC Sense handset with backups, security features, and other handset interactions.

Phone lost? will allow you to ping the handset, pushing the ringer to max volume and giving you a location on a map. Is it on the move on the map? Well you either left it in a moving vehicle or someone stole it, and in that case you can remotely lock and wipe the handset of all sensitive info. But don’t worry, the service also creates automatic backups so if you ever have to erase your phone’s memory you can get all of your info right back with archives of contacts, text messages, call history, customizations and data.

The new HTC Sense is also bringing some enhanced multimedia capabilities giving users more options in creating and sharing content, including new photo and video effects to give you that extra artsy touch when capturing photos and videos. The new Sense should be featured on today’s newly announced Desire Z and Desire HD handsets.

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