Droid Incredible Does Red and White Battery Covers



That stock black battery cover got your HTC Droid Incredible feeling a bit bland? You can spice things up a bit with red or white replacements that are apparently now available in Verizon stores. The covers don’t show up on the Verizon website for order, but the above picture suggests with a bit of effort you should be able to track down a replacement to add some pizzazz to your phone and your life. Yeah, it’s a bit loud, but damn the new look will make you fall in love with the Incredible all over again.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Now THATS how the incredible was supposed to look. simply badass!

  2. @uly : I conquer! “BADASS”

  3. i like that its plastic….call me crazy, but the original backing seems to gain wear faster than a plastic back.
    now gimmie one. haha

  4. I ordered me up a white one yesterday. They are like $25. If they cant dind them in the system use the codes
    Red: VZW6300DORR
    White: VZW6300DORW

  5. I think the white ones woullook nice. I’m not crazy about the red. The galaxy s needs something like this

  6. This is awesome!

    I remember back when this gem was getting reviewed. Everybody loved the red under the battery cover and wondered why cover was so bland.

    Now, we know that HTC was listening!

    Too bad it doesn’t matter because I’m using a DX with a case. We can’t all be flashy, eh?

  7. that is so lame. the all black is so much better. it looks so g**.

  8. The thing that I wonder: How bad will the red or white look with the black front cover?

    or, is it a two piece thing?

  9. An EVO red case would be nice! Please, and thank you!

  10. $25 for a differently colored back? No thank you. That’s more than what I paid for my case.

  11. Who cares about a color of battery cover, fix 2.2 problems first.

  12. I have an Incredible and have the soft plastic cover on it so it won’t matter to me. Come out with a plastic battery cover that allows for a bigger battery and then it will be nice.

  13. Hideous, two-toned abomination. Android fans are starting to sound like iPhone fans lately.

    Really going for the, “Look at me! Look at me!” factor there.

  14. Went to 3 different Verizon stores today and none could locate these . Any other way to obtain one ?

  15. The red case looks horrible alongside the red accents already on the phone, like on the camera. With the black cover the accents stood out, now they blend in and the red on the camera and the red on the case don’t really match each other. I would think the white would look better than the red at least but it still wouldn’t look all that great considering the front of the phone is black and would not match I would not spend $25 to make my phone ugly.

  16. @Norm: Thank you for the system codes! Went to my local Verizon wireless store, where they had no clue what I was talking about. Gave them the codes and low and behold, they had one in stock! The guy went into the back, and came out with a white battery door. Now I’m sporting a white Incredible. Pretty sweet guys. Thanks. To all of you who think this is iPhone envy, I can promise you its not. Had an iPhone, traded it for the Droid, and then picked up an Inc. Best move I ever made. I don’t care if other people notice it, I like having a unique phone.

  17. I cant find these covers anywhere on the web can anyone give me a website?

  18. For the ones who can’t find it, check on HTC’s website they have them…after all they made them. Lol!

  19. Both Items are on sale for $9.99.

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