Sep 9th, 2010


A recent roadmap leak made mention of several new Android phones headed to Verizon in the coming months, and now two have made an appearance in the inventory system of Big Red. The Motorola XT610 and Motorola Citrus (WX455) will fall on the middle to low end of the spec scale but providing two different form factors.


The Citrus is said to be geared towards the younger crowd as an entry-level device featuring Android 2.1. It should feature a smaller sized screen around 3-inches and carry a price tag in the range of “affordable.”

The XT610 is a bit more interesting, said to be something along the lines of a Droid X Lite. It will feature a larger screen comparable to the 4.3-inch display of the X while throttling back the internals with a slower processor and lower resolution camera. This one should go in a price range somewhere between $100 to $150 on a two-year contract.

Add this on top of a handful of other known Android devices in the works from Moto, HTC, and Samsung and you have a pretty full slate for VZW. No release timeframe is known for either handset.

[thanks to our anonymous tipster for sending this shot in]

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