Desire HD Render Shows Off Europe’s EVO Counterpart Despite Sporting Windows Mobile



The HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z are expected to get their formal unveilings next week in London, but the HD in all of its EVO-like goodness has made an early debut in the form of a render snagged up by German site BestBoyz. The render is the spitting image of the in-the-wild Desire HD pics we have seen in the past, though somehow whoever threw it together tacked a WinMo user interface right where Android should be.

Regardless it’s a nice, clear rendered look at what to expect when the Desire HD comes out of hiding. Who wants one?

[via Engadget]

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  1. If it comes out on any major network in the UK it’s gonna be definitely my next handset. Hands down ;)

  2. Photoshop (cough, cough)

  3. This betta be the MyTouch HD comin to T-Mobile USA

  4. Lmao hey bro. Totally photoshopped! It has things from android and windows mobile sense! It has most of the screen like windows mobile and the launcher bar like androids. EPIC FAIL!

  5. Really??? Windows mobile? Why would anyone want that. Not even win7 mobile. Failphone! Also, why is phandroid covering winmo?

  6. wow.. I’m guessing “render” is too technical a term.

  7. It looks like it’s frowning!

  8. I know it’s unlikely, but I’m with omg. I hope this turns out to be the myTouch HD and not that render we saw a few weeks back.

  9. me wants :D

  10. actually, isnt this potentially the new HTC HD3 render? no idea why they havent put the WM7 interface but hey, im actually looking forward to what the Windows guys come up with. The recent pre-views of games such as “bye bye brain” looks pretty slick, esp the way the screen auto rotates to how you hold the device..

    anyhoos will hopefully give the android game developers a kick up the butt to come up with some better games, bring on the competition!

  11. @Eddie, no. Look at the button layout, they’re your typical Android buttons. WP7 has a different phone button layout, including a Windows-button which can’t be found on this device.

  12. oh yeah….needs that windows logo button…get cha! i’ll just wait for next week and see what goodies pop up :)

  13. seriously will at&t every get any decent htc device ?

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