HTC Desire Grabs an OTA Upgrade



The HTC Desire has grabbed another OTA upgrade – which obviously isn’t Froyo since it’s already gotten Froyo, so there’s nothing to be disappointed by here! The version  number is 2.10.405.2 and brings the following changes:

  • An Android OS update patch
  • Enhanced multi-inbox Gmail support
  • Improved Russia keyboard layout

Sounds good to me. Not groundbreaking, but it’s always nice to pull down an update knowing that your device hasn’t been completely abandoned (like owners of certain other devices out there from other manufacturers). [HTC via AC]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. and from the same manufacturer.. *cough* Magic *cough*

  2. *cough* Droid Eris/Hero *cough*

  3. I love how it’s “An Android OS update patch” in the update notes… that’s helpful!

  4. You should get that cough checked out.

    Sent from Samsung Galaxy S

  5. applied update and lost the wifi (error) not the only one this has happened to. :(

  6. Biggest difference I can make out are that voice search is now integrated on to the stock keyboard and seems to work well :)

  7. @ houdini2005
    My Wi-fi is still working so its not happening on all Desiren handsets.

  8. Never mind this update – I want my yoghurt !!

    Are you listening T-Mobile (UK) ? Where’s the Froyo ?

  9. Voice Search integrated into keyboard
    Peep is fixed (as is its widget)
    I find the browser is a bit smoother too, especially on certain sites.

  10. The Froyo released on U.S. Cellular has not received Froyo, it came with Eclair.

  11. Oops, I mean the Desire for U.S. Cellular :D

  12. I went to download this last night and it got stuck at 19%, went to do it again today and it’s just not there.

    Was it pulled?

  13. No update available for me (UK Desire unbranded/unlocked, Froyo). Maybe it was pulled so they can check on the wifi issues some people seem to have.

    @BlackenedUK – totally agree, some detail would be nice. They might as well say:

    – Stuff

  14. I’m in the UK (Desire/unlocked) and managed to get the update lastnight. However, when I try and synch my emails i get a message ‘Warning Exchange email Synchronization is disabled.’

    Everything else seem to work fine, anyone else had the same problem?

  15. The wifi issue seems to be related to phones that have been unbranded, if you try to install this without using a gold card. If you’ve already installed it and are experiencing wifi issues, try reinstalling the update using a gold card. Apparently that fixes it. I manually updated this morning, and haven’t had any issues with wifi.

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