Android Now at 80,000 Market Apps


In case you didn’t catch it late last night in T-Mobile’s press release for their G2, Andy Rubin had some words to say for the successor to the first phone to carry his beloved operating system, Android, and had a quick fact to throw out to us: we’re nowsitting at 80,000 apps. It’s an increase of only 10,000 from the last time we caught word of any official number. In May, it was announced that the market was housing 50,000 apps. At this rate, it’s sounding like we’re approaching the roughly 10,000 apps per month AppBrain had predicted a while back (even if their numbers were unofficial and somehow inflated).


While we all know total number of apps doesn’t mean much these days (quality over quantity has long been a preference of mine), it’s still neat to see that corner of Android growing alongside everything else.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. And still a lot of countries with better carriers and better quality on the mobile network than the US hasn’t got any paid apps yet..

  2. “we’re NOW sitting at 80k apps”.


  3. Whatev, slick.

  4. No use telling us these, paid apps can’t even be bought. Have to install cracks.

  5. i’m a new fan. why can’t apps be bought? i was all excited to get me some.

  6. Interesting, we’ve been seeing various unofficial numbers, I actually thought there were more apps than that. This is good news for early developers though.

  7. Yes, but 79.9k of the apps are SPAM

  8. 80K apps and 200 of them actually worth using.

  9. 80,000 apps, and more than half of them by MobDecor.

  10. most of the apps are crap, google has to start watching the market and removing the spam, now i stopped using the market and checking the latest apps because of the spam apps

  11. There are plenty of android centric publications out now which provide app reviews and app recommendations.

  12. Quality should definitely be considered more important than quality but the competition can only be a good thing.

  13. What is it with the Apple trolls on this post? Anyone who says that the majority of apps on the Market are spam – clearly doesn’t use Android. Go back to reading Apple insider so you can whine about how unfair it is to compare the Android Army to the iphone and how the Verizon iphone is going to ” change everything.”

  14. apple market is providing world class best applications for free to their customers but at the same time Android marker is merely happy with their 80k applications out of which 100 or so are just good and the remaining applications are posted just to waste the valuable time of the users. Hope one day android market would realise this and take concrete steps to beat any other market

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