Sep 9th, 2010


I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t even count number of times I have missed an important text or call due to tunnel vision as my PC consumes my attention even though my phone is just inches away. Or maybe my phone is just off somewhere doing its own thing. Either way Android Notifier just solved any problems I may have had.

The app will send push notifications to your computer screen to alert you of incoming calls, text and media messages, and new voicemails via Bluetooth or WiFi. The ability to auto-toggle both protocols on and off as messages or calls are received is also sure to please those who prefer power savings over power consumption.

The service interacts with your computer via a desktop client that you will also need to install, and for Windows and Linux takes advantage of the systems default notifications. For Mac users you will need to have Growl installed as well. You can download the desktop client over at its Google Code page, and get full installation and setup instructions here. I also suggest Mac users download the native client as it seems to work better than the one offered on the Android Notifier Desktop page.

Snap the QR code below and never miss and important call or message again. Now they just need to implement a way to respond directly from the computer without ever touching your phone.


[via TalkAndroid]