Wirefly Selling EVO 4G Through Facebook Exclusive



If you for whatever reason are still having a bit of trouble getting your hands on the HTC EVO 4G, Wirefly is giving its loyal customers a chance to snatch up the handset exclusively through Facebook. For a short period of time, those who “like” Wirefly on Facebook will be provided with a link to a Wirefly site where the EVO 4G can be purchased. Once the link is pulled the sale is over, and the EVO won’t be found available on the Wirefly site.

To get in on the offer you will need to, again, “like” Wirefly on Facebook and navigate to the “Friends Only” tab of the their page where the link will displayed. If you are not a fan you won’t be able to find the link. So keep an eye there if you have been searching for the handset that is still a bit hard to come by even months after its launch.

[via BGR]

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  1. Doesn’t seem to work for me…. All I see on the ‘Friends Only’ tab is this:

    “Thanks everyone for chiming in on which phones we should include in our Labor Day Sale!”

    But I’m confused as to why we can’t just go to Wirefly’s website and search for the Evo and buy it there?


  2. Like I have time to spend all day checking their fan page for an f’n link. A better idea would be to post to their wall when the sale goes live. At least it would show up as an update. #Fail

  3. Any idea what the cost is? Is it retail or any kind of a discount?

  4. I just ordered mine Friday and didn’t have to go through Facebook.

    It was $189 for the phone, not bad, but not amazing discount wise.

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