Samsung Vibrant Is Buy One Get One Free at T-Mobile, Kids Are Free Family Plans Announced



Not to be outdone by the release of Verizon’s Fascinate on a buy-one-get-one-free deal, T-Mobile has announced that their Galaxy S phone, the Samsung Vibrant, will also be available at the price of two for one (just as expected). After shelling out for two new two-year contracts, the second Vibrant is free after a $50 mail-in rebate.

In addition to the announcement of the Vibrant’s BOGO deal, TMo also announced today “Kids Are Free” family plans for their network. Anyone who signs up for a family talk plan at TMo between now and November 2nd won’t have to pay the additional line fees for up to three lines after the first two. This means lines three to five are free. You don’t even have to be a real kid to take advantage of one of the free lines, either.

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  1. I spoke with an account specialist yesterday about this “Kids are Free” promotion. Lines 3-5 are only free until the end of 2011. Starting on January 2012 those lines will be charged at the normal $10 per line. Since you are on the hook 2 years by adding these “free” lines you will then be obligated to pay at that $10 per line for another 8-10 months until your contract is up. I chose to forgo this promotion and opted to be grandfathered into the $5 per line promotion since I have been and will continue to be with Tmobile for a while.

  2. Thanks SiLow for the info. The $10 per line only includes voice, not text / data, right?

  3. @Fred
    In general yes it’s only for voice. But I believe with a family unlimited text plan additional lines have included unlimited text anyway.

  4. if the vibrant is buy one get one free. why do we have to pay 400$ if one is free with a two year contract. ? alone one should be $250? they do say you get $200 back in the mail ? but still makes no sense?

  5. I think it absolutely stinks that T-Mobile has a BOGO deal for new customers, yet they won’t sell a Vibrant to existing customers.

  6. It’s not a mystery that T-Mobile treats different new and existing clients. I’d buy Vibrant but with other provider and a different plan. I often use this site – http://simtariff.com to compare one tariff to another. It’s easy to use and gives some reasonable results

  7. They will sell the vibrant to exsisting customers not sure who told you they wont but they do it just starts your contract all over

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