T-Mobile to Grab Huawei’s Low-Cost Android 2.2 Ideos Handset?


We know that Huawei would like to get their new IDEOS Android 2.2 smartphone into as many markets as possible, and thanks to a report in the Wall Street Journal we may be getting our first idea of where the handset may land in the United States. Word is the Huawei, based out of China, and T-Mobile are in discussions to bring the IDEOS to the carrier. If all goes to plan the deal should be hammered out over the next month for a launch before the holiday season.

This could mark a big turn for both Huawei who has very little presence in the US and low-cost Android handsets. The IDEOS could go for as little as $50 on a two-year contract. Sure it lacks the power of a higher priced phone, but the one factor that provides hope is the inclusion of Froyo as the OS the device will ship with, a big selling point compared to other low-cost Androids relegated to older versions of the operating system.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. yea thats tmobile for you always getting the product that nobody wants.

  2. meh .

  3. I think you are wrong, moises, many people would be interested in 2.2 capacitive screen 150 dollar android 2.2 phone. They should offer it for free on contract. IPhone which is around 600 dollars is given for 200 dollars a subsidy of 400 dollars.

  4. I love T-Mobile and HSPA+!!

  5. A low cost Android handset that you could buy outright to avoid a contract is a pretty appealing deal to a lot of people (including myself) id buy it if T-Mobile had some real data rates for their prepaid (which would exclude their dollar per hour plan, it would be a great deal.

  6. That circle is a waste of space along with the space wasted around it. the screen could have been bigger. otherwise i like the form factor. reminds me of the droid eris a bit.

  7. T-mobile doesn’t have the best phones, nor get them.

  8. With T-mobile family plans you buy this for 150 bucks add a line and just use this little sucker for a mobile hot spot for anything your tablet or laptop its hspa+ so fast download speeds I might pick one up.

  9. The reason why Tmo will always be an also ran. They bog themselves down with crap phones while their users scream for business-class or at least ADULT phones that we’d be proud to show in a boardroom (HTC Desire; Droid X or that class). This piece of dung would be laughed off of the table…Party colored teen-centric crap. But that’s Tmo for you…leading the way to FAIL.

  10. The problem is, the cost of the plans will be the same as the higher end smartphones. That’s why the Motorola Charm won’t be a success either. These low end smartphones should have a “low end cost” plan for data. If a plan costs $70/month for a G2, it should be about $40/month for one of these.

  11. im a tmobile customer and was thinking of switching to sprint but stayed because their hspa+ is faster than 4g and is getting to more places than 4g. tmobile was just starting to get better phones and now this is a step backwards. i agree with others, we dont need this ugly thing but rather a flashy adult device

  12. Tmobile tmobile tmobile, it saddens me I’ve been with them over a year. I’ve had the mytouch then the slide and both junk, now they come out with this G2 which is still a lacklucster phone compared to others and its being advertised.

    Shame on tmobile for not going for what people want, we want keyboards and good graphics, top of the line processers. This just shows me they may rank high in customer service but they rank lowest in customer satisfaction or quality.

    They could dominate with there cheap plans as well there loss, another bottom ended phone for the bottom company. Fail

  13. If T-Mobile plays this right, this could be a watershed moment for Android. If they are able to figure out a way to get it into the hands of prepaid customers for a reasonable price and offer an affordable plan, this could propel Android to an entirely new arena. Let’s see how this plays out.

  14. @James
    Ah! Prepaid! For a normal account, this doesn’t make sense. Prepaid, that makes a little more sense. Still, prepaid data? Anyone already do that?

  15. Well I personally like the phone. I don’t need something massive and with low resolution, the processor should run pretty well.

  16. dunno what you guys are complaining about, T-mobile has samsung vibrant, HTC G2(shortly) and some top end windows phone 7 device(shortly). There is nothing wrong with wanting to have Huawei Ideos in their lineup as well.

  17. Yep, T-Mobile has the Vibrant! An awesome device!

  18. Looks suspiciously like the behold II!!! BOOOOO!!! I had 5 behold 2’s and they were all completely aweful.

  19. tmobile sucks and i wish they had a complain phone line or email so we can email them our displeasure with their PHONE selection.

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