Samsung Fascinate to Cost $199.99, Part of Upcoming Buy One Get One?


Verizon’s going to be pricing the Samsung Fascinate to sell as new leaks show the device will be $199.99. It’s not much different from the pricing on other Galaxy S phones (unless you count Sprint’s extra $50 for the Epic 4G), but the text right next to the pricing lists “BOGA”: which we’ll just assume means it’ll be a part of the buy-one-get-any smartphone deals Verizon likes to run from time to time. All of this information is listed beneath a headline that states it’ll be launching September 9th. I feel like I’ve heard that date somewhere before.


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  1. we have 4 lines on our family plan that are eligible for upgrades so if i upgrade 2 lines with the bogo fascinate and just not activate one, like keep the old phone on it, Is it possible to keep the second phone unactivated therefore wouldn’t be charged the data, and i would be able to keep the 2nd fascinate as a backup?

    Does anyone know if that would work?

  2. You are required to activate both phones per the contracts. What you can do is activate both, the put the old phone on the second line and remove the data package option. You will jot be able to use either phone on any line until u activate it, as activating it seals he deal on the 2 yr contract and the subsidized pricing.

  3. ok cool. yea i wasnt worried about the contract being we dont plan on leaving verizon, it was just the data that i thought might screw me out of doing it. thanks for the info.

  4. was wondering what plan do you need to get is it the $9.99 or do you need the 29.99 plan?

  5. Does anyone know if it will have a seperate, slider keyboard.

  6. Nope kinda like the Captivate for ATT. Samsung stepping up their game and im lovin it!

    Sent from my Samsung Captivate(tm) from at&t!….Not the crappy iPhone! Suck on that Apple!

  7. i wanted this phone on sprint.

  8. this phone will require the 29.99 unlimited data package
    and does not have a slide out qwerty keyboard

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