Another Section Unlocked on R2-Droid 2’s Landing Site, Reveals Docking Station


Many were reluctant to take part in the contest Verizon’s holding through their @DroidLanding Twitter account for the R2D2 special edition of the Motorola Droid 2. They’re doing it differently from the Droid X’s contest, though, as there are no scavenger hunts or GPS coordinates to mess around with. Instead, they tweet out codes and clues that you have to use to unlock certain areas of the R2D2’s website. Whoever is responsible for exposing the section they expose wins a free R2-Droid 2.


Thus far, two sections have been unlocked: the Apps and Widgets section netted Droid-Life’s reader Andrew Tarr a new phone, and someone else (yet to be named) has unlocked a gallery of images showing off the device and what appears to be an accompanying docking station (pictured above). For the rest of the gallery, be sure to head on over to the landing site now (and try to unlock more sections!)

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Docking Bay 94?

  2. Why not the X-Wing?

  3. Sure give the D2 a dock…
    Forget about the INC :(

  4. I’m personally a Samsung fan but I am really liking the marketing move by Verizon. Who doesn’t like R2D2 :)

  5. @Matt co-sign, I would really like to see some htc incredible docks, speaker set ups, etc. etc. But I am happy for the d2 owners that get this cool bit of kit.

  6. does anyone have the email with the hints? i’ve signed up, but didn’t get one….???

  7. @Matt i agree totally…. no incredible love it seems… Verizon has moved on

  8. Seriously, a dock for this novelty crap? What about the DINC and it’s 100,000+ handset market!?!?!

  9. We the original D2 are all but forgotten about :(

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