Samsung Fascinate Shows Up on Galaxy S Website, Handset Spotted in the Wild


Samsung’s Galaxy S landing site has been updated to include the the Fascinate among its Android brethren. Joining the Captivate, Epic 4G, and Vibrant, the Samsung Fascinate is just days away from landing in the hands of the last sect of people deprived of a Galaxy S device. The site gives you all the basic info you probably could have gather just by looking at one of the other Galaxy S options, but hey, this one runs on Verizon. Check out the site for more details.


And while the Fascinate is getting all of its official coverage by Samsung, we are still getting some pre-release leaks. Take for example the above image of the Fascinate in the wild. Isn’t it…fascinating?

[via BGR, TalkAndroid]

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  1. Full hands on review at our site. DontHateTheGeek.com

  2. not much battery left at 2:42 PM

  3. Such a shame that it’s the most crippled of the four Galazy S phones. I’m not even talking about Bing, I’m referring to internal storage.

  4. Its not the last one to arrive. Don’t forget about the Galaxy S that’s suppose be launching with U.S. Cellular in October.

  5. Thank you Lucas for pointing that out, Phandroid misses the mark on U.S. Cellular again.

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