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Manually Update Your Droid Incredible to Android 2.2 (Froyo)



If you are one of the unfortunate HTC Droid Incredible owners who seems to be stuck at the back of the line waiting for your update to Froyo, fear not. The official update.zip file has been secured and can be manually installed right this minute if you are running a stock, non-root Incredible. No more fussing or waiting, how’s that? The method used requires you to boot into recovery mode, a pretty standard process for a manual update. The file can be grabbed straight from Google’s servers so there is no doubt it is legit, and unless you are terrible at following directions your phone should emerge unscathed and freshly Froyo’d.

Now let’s get down to it!

  1. Download the update.zip file from this mirror or directly from Google. Rename the file update.zip if necessary (make sure it doesn’t get named as update.zip.ZIP).
  2. Transfer the file to your SD card’s root directory.
  3. Power down your handset.
  4. Hold the Volume Down key while powering up the phone to enter HBOOT mode.
  5. Navigate to “RECOVERY” using the volume buttons and press Power to select it.
  6. When the triangle with an exclamation mark inside appears, hold down Volume Up and Power at the same time.
  7. Navigate to “apply sdcard:update.zip” using the volume buttons and select it with the Power button.
  8. Your Incredible will apply the update and then reboot.

And that’s it. Welcome to the world of Froyo!

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Great News but already on 2.2!

  2. Does this method make you lose all your apps like the .ruu method did that came out a day or two before the OTA update (allegedly) started rolling out?

  3. No need! (Although I as about to get to that point). When I woke up this morning I saw my update was ready to be installed, although I must say its pretty anticlimatic. Don’t see what all the fuss was about.

  4. I installed this last night on my Dinc and it works fine. All my applications and settings were preserved. I used the market’s new feature “Update All” to update about 10 apps. “Chrome to Phone” is very cool!

  5. Mine just made the DRRROOOOIIIIDDDD sound for the first time and is staring back at me with a Red Eye and 2 dots. Well amoutn 2 minutes later it looks like its read to restart.

  6. Perhaps this is a sign that I shouldn’t do this but… How do I transfer it to my phones SD card root?

  7. I did this yesterday after growing impatient waiting for VZW to send me my OTA, you will not lose any apps or app data.

  8. I also did this last night. Works perfect. This method is fast, simple, and worth the 10 minutes of time that it takes.

  9. Springs

    Let me know if your Apps are in tack

  10. I saw this on Android Central. Was going to wait until Verizon sent the OTA to my DInc but after several days I opted to give it a try. As long as you follow the directions and have a little patience, it all works perfectly. So far I’ve had no issues at all with any of the installed apps. No data lost from doing the install and maybe it’s just me but the phone does seem to be faster. I’m happy with being on Froyo finally. Hopefully they won’t drag their feet with Gingerbread.

  11. Woke up and fund system update pop up open to install froyo.

  12. I keep getting an error that says E: failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (no such file or directory)

  13. Loving the update – all went PERFECT…

  14. @jose
    That probably means you’re putting it on the wrong drive.

  15. After you update using this method not the ota.. what baseband radio do you have?

  16. “I keep getting an error that says E: failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (no such file or directory)”

    That’s where I am as well. Finally got two folders to open when I plugged into my PC. I THINK I copied it to the SD card. No, not in a folder in there, but in the root directory. No, it is not named update.zip.zip. I did download the file again and repeated. Still no luck. Maybe 3 is my lucky number? Here I go again!

  17. And before I get the “failed to open” message, I am getting E: Can’t open / cache/recovery/command

  18. to those having problems, make sure the file is called update.zip, not update.zip.zip, a lot of people had that problem. Also, make sure it is saved just onthe SD card, not in any folders. Those are some of the big problems people were having yesterday. I did this yesterday and am glad I did, no problems, all apps and data stayed. Good Luck all!

  19. Just installed successfully, so far so good. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Wtf tried it twice and it kept on saying couldn’t locate file when I navigate to apply SD card! Can anyone out there help me I need my froyo lol!

  21. I have completed all of the steps and everything is back up and running but everytime I click on the Market application, I get a Attention: An error has occurred. Please try again later. error message. Has anyone else got this?

  22. Did It
    It Worked
    All Apps in place

    I transfered the update.zip via blue tooth
    to my sdcard root

    Was easy,total time about 15 or so minutes to do

    Driod eye stays on about one minute, just wait it out

    Then a boot sequence that takes an other minute plus
    with % progress window

  23. Got my update this morning at 6:30, 2.2 update per. VZW.

  24. No the file is saved on the sd cards root, still no luck

  25. OK, I resolved my Market error message. It apparently had to do with the fact that I am using an unsecure Wireless Network here in the hospital. I turned off the WIFI and just used the 3G network and had no issues getting into the Market. Apparently the hospital has a problem with people downloading applications for their Android phones while on the premises. I wonder if they have the same lock down on those certain unmentionable phones.

  26. I did the update yesterday, everything went flawlessly (…the only difference from the above directions is that I had to hit the REBOOT option on the menu when it was done updating), all my apps & info are still there, and I’ve really been enjoying the upgrade and have no complaints.

    That being said, one little issue popped up this morning; but I have no idea if it was at all related to the upgrade. I shut the phone down for the night and when I started it this morning, it found phone coverage but was not connecting to 3G. Checking the settings, Mobile Network was grayed out and showed as “Turning on….”; but nothing was happening. Just for the heck of it I switched to Wi-Fi and was able to connect to my wireless router that way. While on Wi-Fi I disabled Mobile Network. Then I disabled Wi-Fi and enabled Mobile Network and it connected and all worked as it should. Did several power cycles, just to make sure, and no further problems. Just throwing this out there, in case anyone else runs into a similar issue. ;-)

  27. Worked perfectly for me, kept all settings etc. Follow the instructions carefully, and be patient as the update takes some time, as does the reboot after the install. On the reboot mine seemed to hang on the Droid “red eye” graphic for several minutes, but everything went fine, just be patient.

  28. Didn’t work for me! when I tried to navigate to apply SD card it said no SD file was found,can anyone help me?

  29. When you mount the Incredible on your PC, you get *2* drives… E: and F:… E: is the emmc folder, which is the 8gb internal memory. F: is your SD card. You need to put the file on F… then when you go to apply update.zip from SD card, it’ll work.

    Or just wait til Friday, looks like they’re pushing this thru in a hurry…

  30. Just applied this update, everything went great. All apps preserved, no issues. Simple really. Beware that upon reboot from the update.zip being applied you will have a few minutes of the red eye being displayed before it continues on with the install and configuration. Other than that, this went well.

  31. Just save the file to your desktop as “update”. The computer automatically adds the .zip to the end

  32. @jose
    What file manager are you using to see where the file is?
    If you use Astro make sure the file is in /sdcard

  33. Just completed the “update.zip” and ALL went GREAT!! One great surprise I was not aware of is the camcorder now uses the flash light!!

  34. OMIGOSH! I think I did it. It just rebooted and said “Droid”, now I have an eye! I had apparently copied the zip file to the WRONG drive.

    Do I now need to delete the zip file from the card?

    And I am glad folks have said the eye will stare at me for awhile during reboot, or I would be getting worried now… it’s still staring at me.

  35. When I try to to update i get this message:

    assert failed: file_getprop(“/system/build.prop”,”ro.build.fingerprint”)==”verzion/inc/inc/inc:2.1-update1/ERE27?161494:user/release-keys”

    Installation aborted

    Did anyone else have this issue?

  36. On a related note, since the update I’ve now been given a reason to root this. VZW wants $20/mon. for hot spot access. Goodbye stock phone…

  37. Update seems to be installing without any issues for me.

    Jose – when renaming the file to update.zip, be sure your OS is showing file extensions. Otherwise you could be naming the file Update.zip.zip.

  38. @johndaddyo
    You could delete it off the card or you can rename it for now.

  39. Seems to be a common error.

    — Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    Installing update…
    assert failed: file_getprop(“/system/build.prop”, :ro.build.fingerprint”) == “verizon/voles/sholes/sholes:2.0/ESD20/17572:user/ota-rel-keys,release-keys” || file_getprop(“/system/build.prop”, “ro.build.fingerprint”) == “verizon/voles/sholes/sholes:2.0.1/ESD56/20996:user/release-keys”
    E: Error in /sdcard/update.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted

  40. Wowza – I’m not sure what the naysayers are seeing, but this phone is MUCH zippier with Froyo. It feels like a new phone.

  41. No matter what I do, I cannot get the update.zip to my SD card root directory. I see the “E” and “F” drives.

  42. @ honkahonka – you are just realizing this NOW ? ? ? ?

  43. @J Aster
    If you don’t know which one is your SD card then just copy to both E and F and run through the process

  44. any one know the fix for this error:

    Seems to be a common error.

    – Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    Installing update…
    assert failed: file_getprop(”/system/build.prop”, :ro.build.fingerprint”) == “verizon/voles/sholes/sholes:2.0/ESD20/17572:user/ota-rel-keys,release-keys” || file_getprop(”/system/build.prop”, “ro.build.fingerprint”) == “verizon/voles/sholes/sholes:2.0.1/ESD56/20996:user/release-keys”
    E: Error in /sdcard/update.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted

  45. @smoknjo – didn’t realize the amount to be charged. I did know there was a fee, but $20/mon. is a bit much.

  46. Does anyone know if unrevoked will work to root this?

  47. @Jas

    I’m getting this message intially. “E: Can’t open / cache/recovery/command”

    But the install seems to be happenning. The green progress bar on the bottom is moving.

  48. A couple funky things

    Took out some of my stored passwords

    my mail account flashes am email then is dissapears
    like i deleted it but its not in trash or mail server
    (i fixed by changing settings but still odnt know what happened)

  49. Writing Zip Image now. Reboot is chugging away.

  50. It worked like a charm….quick and easy. No data/application loss. Thanks!!

  51. Works great! Thanks!

  52. Double green arrows. The suspense is taking its toll. lol

  53. Got the Red Eye.

  54. Browsing Internet is noticeibly faster

    Face book faster loggin on and using places

  55. @j Aster i had that same error. just give it time and all will be ok.

  56. Here’s something odd though… before, when plugged into my PC it showed me “F” any “G” drives. Now, it is “G” and “H”, and nothing showing the update.zip file any longer…

    H is a totally new looking thing. When I first plug in, it wants me to run something. Dialog box says at top-

    CD Drive (H:) Verizon Mobile

    choices below are-
    Always do this for software and games (with a check box in front)

    Install or run program from your media
    Install drivers (with a “VZ” logo looking box)
    General options
    Open folder to view files

    All I have done so far is open folder to view files. H gas two folders, “drv” and “img”. then under the folders it has

    Please be kind once those of you who know what you are doing are done cracking up about the newbie. I am trying.

  57. @J Aster: I got the same thing when I put the zip file on the other drive. Same initial error, then it appeared to be working, did.

    Now if I don’t get to work I won’t be able to afford to keep the phone service ON though. : )

  58. Update seemed to hang at the Incredible eye still image for a few minutes. I pressed the pwr button to turn screen off then on and then it seemed to kick over, restart again, and complete. So awesome!!!

  59. I’m getting the Status 7 error also, anyone have any ideas?

  60. Success. Froyo is installed. Thanks everyone.

  61. Now I gotta go to twit.tv and see if I can watch Leo Laporte and friends using flash.

  62. I just rcvd the OTA update. I looked down and had a box asking me to do the update. I looked around and found out what it was before accepting it. It took a few minutes, but all seems to be ok, so far.

  63. I was going to manually do this yesterday but had no access to a pc
    When u got up at seven nothing I heard my phone beep a while later got up at 9:15am in Virginia and saw my upgrade.

  64. Is this update really a 2.05 baseband like the pic shows?

  65. I now notice that a lot of apps (newly installed by the update) just won’t turn off. Such as Skype. I use ATK (adv task killer). It turns it off, but minutes later, I have yet another list of apps running. I’m not sure if it is an ATK incompatibility with the new OS update, or is there something more agressive with these apps.

  66. Can this update be used to update a T-Mobile MyTouch 3G?

  67. Installed this successfully but there doesn’t seem to be Flash pre-installed? Anyone else noticing this?

  68. My baseband version displays post OTA update.

  69. S & Fletcher: Did you root your phone or install a custom ROM? Sounds like a file update error (i.e., the update.zip file is not the right version to update the software on your phone).

    As an aside, as others have stated, this process takes time and there are a few “screen freezes” while files are updates, setting made, etc. Don’t panic – Once the Reboot process starts, just sit back and let it do its’ thing. ;-)

  70. Where can I find flash to download…I don’t really see it in the Market

  71. I haven’t done the manual update or received the OTA yet. However, when I go to Adobe’s website to check flash it states that I have Flash 10.1 installed; I am running 2.1
    I’m a little confused by this.

  72. @NS. If you have Froyo 2.2, then you have flash 10.1 automatically installed.

  73. You have Flash Lite; perhaps the browser plug-in detection on that site isn’t working correctly.

    Anyhow, I was initially unimpressed with the update, but the more I use it, the more I see that it is quite speedy. It wasn’t exactly slow to begin with, but now it’s very snappy.

  74. @Theo @NS Just go into whatever web browser you use (I personally use Dolphin) and go to a site that uses Flash, and it should work. I did the manual update yesterday and I have been using flash.

  75. This update message just popped on my phone.
    So I said okay.

    Do I have to do anything else?
    The green line ran all the way across.
    Now there is the red eye…

    How long does the red eye stay there??
    It’s been like 7 mins.

  76. TQ1: Task Killers are not recommended for 2.2 and future releases – They want Android to manage itself & its’ memory usage. As you noted, whatever you kill with ATK will just get re-started by Android, if it’s something needed. Even though a program may show up in ATK, it’s not necessarily running or taking up memory or processing time.

    Flash should be installed with this update. If you go to Settings & Manage Apps your should see Adobe Flash Player

  77. Anybody see this for wifi tethering? Below is a copy and paste from the forums. None of the information is mine.

    “Note: This is akin to the usual backdoor ways of tethering feature phones without adding the mobile connect feature… standard disclaimers apply, and I’ll let the rest of you work on that discussion…

    I saw the ##778 tip on another thread for the Eris, and figured it would work…

    1) Dial ##778, SEND
    2) EPST dialog comes up. Select ‘Edit Mode’. Enter SPC (000000), hit OK.
    3) Scroll to down to ‘Security’, select it. Change ‘S.IP DUN User name’ to [email protected] (from [email protected])
    4) Hit back arrow to go back and go/select ‘M.IP Default Profile’. Change ‘DUN NAI’ to [email protected] (from [email protected])
    5) Hit menu button, and ‘Commit Modifications’, phone will save changes and reboot.

    Modem drivers can be found on VZAccess Manager for Windows XP/Vista/7 — the VZAccess executable will install the drivers when it first runs before launching its installshield runtime. No need to continue and install the actual software. *nix people can use their built in PPP dialers once they set up the right USB connection parameters to detect the phone as a modem.”

  78. I too am getting errors when trying to install this update. I get the update.zip onto the SD card in the root. It verifies the update.zip file. But then when it starts the install, it aborts with an error.
    I had rooted the phone, but this morning un-did the root. I checked for any system updates, and it says my phone is up to date.
    Is frustrating to get so close yet run into unforeseen errors.
    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  79. This update has totally screwed my Incredible.

    I’m having ro reinstall everything.

    The worst part is I have re-install all of my mail clients, and personalizations.

    This isn’t acceptable.

  80. Just did the manual install. Works perfect. Just make sure that you save the “update” zip to the right drive.

  81. I wish there was a way to get rid of the city id, vzw nav, all that junk software I have no use for but can’t uninstall

  82. Just did the manual update. Installed without a hitch. Installation was alot faster than I expected. Updates are installed way faster. Cataloging the uninstall directory populates alot faster, with two different programs. Quadrant Benchtest: 2.1 (544), 2.2 (1167); Linpack: 2.1 (6.766 MFLOPS), 2.2 (31.647 MFLOPS). So far I report no problems only Froyo goodness!

  83. Thanks for talking me through this guys! Hopefully before the end of the day I will have time to look into it and see what new things I can do with it now!

  84. @TQ1 Is the OTA you have with the 2.15 the Verizon pushed one or the manual update from the above links?

  85. The new compact qwerty keyboard sucks-a$$. I can’t believe they changed it!!

  86. Hi,

    Im using HTC desire,unlocked from 3 Mobile, do i get a unwired update of froyo? or do i need to port the froyo update?
    and if i do so does it void my warranty?
    Please Help.

  87. I could not wait any longer, I updated this morning from the Phandroid site…I put the update.zip on my sd card E drive and went through the procedures and it installed perfectly. I then plugged my phone back into my pc and found that the drives were reversed, my sd drive is now the F drive and android drive E…oh well..it works fine..oh one other thing, I wonder if I am still in line for the update from verizon???

  88. works great on htc inc. can be dispossessed and installed on phone with no pc interface if you have file manager of rename and move file. changes seem minimal.

  89. I did the manual update last night and did not have any issues, once I got passed the zip name thing. But after spending some time with it some of the apps do not seem to be changed as avertised. I.e. Gallery, Photo seem to be the same old apps. The good news is I now have a flashlight that I can send out SOS messages with.

  90. If i go into settings and and privacy and do a factory data reset, will that reset me to stock 2.1? i currently have the leaked ota, and i cant get the downgrade instructions to work

  91. I just did the manual update as well and am now enjoying some Froyo goodness. I did notice on the update that it said a cache directory was not found on the SDCard but it installed anyway and everything is working.

    I can second that the baseband version is 2.15

  92. Can you download this right from your phone or do You have to download it on your computer because I’m downloading it from my phone and It doesn’t seem to be working

  93. @CarlTress. OTA is Over The Air. It was pushed from Verizon.

    @NS. I agree. I have been trying to figure that out for a while now….

  94. If your update didn’t work, it might be because your SD card is not on a FAT 32 file system. You have to format it and convert it to FAT 32 (you should probably back up all of your files).

  95. Got tired of waiting in Pittsburgh. Did the manual download and everything seems slick. Seems faster. Glad i did manual. Sorta like sex, got tired of waiting so took matters into my own hands.

  96. @TQ1 I am thinking rooting this will be the only way. You can alway unroot just as quick by the looks of things. Just sucks that junk has to run in the background killing batt life

  97. I got the ERROR as well! who knows how to fix this???

  98. @radio since nobody answered your question, after install you get radio

  99. why can’t I use swiftkey as my keyboard now…

  100. Might find that you need to rename file a second time from update.zip.zip to update.zip

  101. When i get to the triangle with an exclamation mark screen i hold down the 2 volume keys like im supposed to and still nothing happens. I followed the directions. Downloaded file renamed it update and put it in the root of my sd. Does anyone have any idea whats wrong?

  102. Does anyone know about the Tmobile’s “Mytouch”, are we getting updated to 2.2 anytime soon?
    So much for “no phone gets left behind” (Tmobile’s quote) :(


  103. BHot spot is not recommended free

  104. Jason: you hit the volume up and power to get the menu.

    Everyone one having the status 7 issue, did you download the file from the site onto your phone directly? or did you download it on your computer and then transfer it? I did the former and am getting this error. When I get home I will be trying it via PC and let you know how it fares

  105. when you change the name on your computer do not include “.zip” in what you type!!!!! the computer will add it automatically

  106. did it, worked flawlessly. rockin 2.2 and flash 10.1

  107. I woke up this morning and saw the message I have been waiting for that an “update was ready”. I hit Ok and it flickered and then restarted. I had to pick reboot with the up/down volume manually then it took off. Now I have not been able to get that update box back and STILL do not have 2.2 Have tried the manual way too. This phone has been a headache since the day I got it. I think I got the one bad Dinc. My luck.

  108. I was getting the error message about cache/recovery/command and could not run the update. I followed the instructions here:


    to install the “May” OTA on my phone (Software/Build number should say 1.22.605.2…not 1.22.605.0), ran the manual update.zip and success!

  109. Hot spot is not free

  110. Couldn’t wait. Updated manually. Went smoothly. Quadrant benchmark went from 574 to 1205. Watching for errors….

    Tried to do the #778 feature, but couldn’t type anything for SPC, had to back out.

    And got lots more self-running apps now, VZ Navigator, Amazon MP3, My Verizon Mobile, and of course still City ID.

    No immediate need, but how now do we root?

  111. Please, UPDATE MOTOROLA i1 ANDROID OS!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. perfect running froyo love it:D

  113. Tried several times, I assume that I have to put the update on F drive. Did that. Been following the comments tread all day. None of the tips are working. Here is a question. Do you install directly to the F drive or a file IN the F DRIVE? Which file is the root in the SD card. I downloaded the file and renamed exactly as instructed. Thanks alot to whoever answers this

  114. Gregg, was not working for me. My baseband was different 2.05something.

    Doing a factory reset now, will let you guys know if this allows me to do the update.

  115. Gregg, Thanks for this tip! Looks like this did the trick!!! I thought that might have been the problem, as when I un-rooted my phone, it set it back to stock, PRE the first OTA update. This gets it to the state the 2.2 update is looking for.
    One other note: I tried doing this first on a Mac, and all to no avail. When the Mac downloads the files, it automatically unzips the folders. When I moved over to my Windows system, all downloaded and copied without a hitch.
    My Incredible is renbooting now, after applying the 2.2 update.

  116. I have a Inc on metro. Does anyone know if I do this will I need to reflash the phone?

  117. That was indeed the issue. I am now up and running with 2.2. Thanks so much to everyone here for their input and assistance.

  118. I was getting the Error code as well…

    do what @gregg said in post #108 and you will be golden!

    Thanks Phandroid and @Gregg

  119. ok…
    “E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/command”

    Error Status 7 Aborted?!

    Does anyone have a solution? please help thanks

  120. I was having the same issue as a lot of people here and getting the ‘no such file exists’ message. If all else fails and you are getting the message got to Market and download Phandroid. If you do not have ASTRO download it then from the Phandroid site go to the link and download the file. Hold and press on the file in downloads in the ASTRO app chose edit and rename it update. The zip that is already there at the end of the original name should remain don’t delete it. Then hold on the update.zip file and choose edit and move. The file will already be in downloads in ASTRO so back out of that to the root sd and paste it to the root. From there follow the proceedures above and it should load. It did on mine and a big thanks to all. I now have 2.2 and it is working great. Wife has it on her new Droid 2 and can’t wait to get it on my X also. You guys in the Android community are great and I am happy to be able to pass this on to others.

  121. Did the install, animation ran, stopped.


  122. Thne 10 minutes later, LIFE.


  123. @s and @Fletcher: had the same problem and fixed it with this in a comment above that complained about the cache/recovery/command error line that seems to be completely unrelated. First go here:
    apply that update.zip and then come back here to apply this froyo update.zip

    Result? Froyo Bliss!

  124. OK. FINALLY GOT IT!. for anyone having the “E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/command”

    Error Status 7 Aborted” problem,

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=7933281#post7933281.. IS A MUST!.


  125. Sick and tired of waiting like so many other Droid Incredible owners, manually installed the Froyo update tonight and I couldn’t be happier!

  126. Will I be able to get the 2.3 OTA update if I do this?

  127. updated to Froyo… no probs at all!
    Got the red DROID eye!

  128. Installed on the first try. Really, REALLY like FroYo. Could not have gone any easier. Very happy that I went ahead and did the manual install, who knows how long I would have waited. I didn’t think that this phone could have gotten any better, but it is so much better. If you do decide to do the manual update, be patient. The most excruciating part is when the Droid eye shows up and you have to wait through the pause. FroYo Rulz!!

  129. Yep finally got it to install.. I messed up saving it with 2 .zoos and now it works fine

  130. .zip lol auto correct

  131. Check again to make sure that you did not confuse the phone with the sd card. Since they are both 2G it is easy to confuse the two. My suggestion would be to unmount the SD card and pull it out, then name the remaining phone drive “PHONE” replace the card then name the new drive “PHONE CARD”. I had the same error message until I realised I had mixed up the drives.

  132. save the file as “update” only, the computer automatically adds “.zip”. this should fix the error message that reads something about not being able to fine “sdcard:update.zip”. try it!! =]

  133. Ok done wasting my time with this crap. I have tried every single option in all threads and links. Check to make sure I have correct unrooted version which I do since I have never rooted this damn thing. Good night all and congrats to those who got the update. Thanks for all the help I much appreciate it. Even if this damn thing doesnt get what I am telling it.

  134. Well I tried just about everything and this thing doesnt want to load. no such file exists. guess im waiting for the OTA.

  135. @copr165 I followed all your steps and understood up to the move part in astro but where do You go to paste in the root SD?

  136. it wasn’t working for me at first because i was unzipping the file first, then putting it on my phone. don’t unzip or anything, just rename and you all should be good.

  137. and if you’re not sure what drive to put it in, just copy it to both.

  138. Almost done… auto-rebooting for 2nd time after applying update… Droid eye staring at me… and… still waiting. I’ll give it 10 mins or so before trying the power btn on/off thing posted previously. I was starting to think this update would never come for the DInc.

  139. I find this whole thread hilariously ironic. Every one of us installing this thing is incredibly impatient (or at least just impatient enough) and yet the update FORCES us to be patient!

  140. copy it using your pc

  141. I’m scared lol…I’ve had the eye for like 15 minutes….will it go away? I’m starting to get worried

  142. OK, I seem to be almost done, but I am getting the eye, and then the lock screen. When I unlock it, it is going through the percentage thing, but it gets almost done, freezes, restarts (with the eye, HTC screen, etc) and then starts the percentage box again. Has done it about 4 or 5 times. Anyone else had this problem?


  143. OK, just powered it down when it started again. Started it back up, seems to be working fine now, not sure what happened.

    Thanks for the update, appreciate it!

  144. Updated fine except I lost my calendar. When I try to add events back into calendar it tells me I have no calendar…WTF???

  145. Using an SD card reader, I long ago placed a file “8GBMicroSD.txt” on my chip to tell between the internal RAM. The ZIP on my system is 98219592 bytes. If it’s smaller, the download may be incomplete and causing problems. Nice, SwitchPro now can use the LEDs for flashlight. Anyone advanced know if we can remove from update.zip the APKs for VZNav, MyVerizon, Amazon, etc, and re-update to get rid of these, or allow install manually afterwards?

  146. just finished downloading this when my phone told me it was ready to install the update xD
    what are the chances lol

  147. Can someone give me their best guess at this question? I drive 50 miles to work every day, then turn my phone off and leave it in my car while I do my 8.5 hours of work. Is there a chance I’ve been missing the upgrade by A) not leaving my phone on and/or B) not keeping my phone at home where it is close to it’s local BTS/MSC? I left my phone ON today. If I get no love by the end of the day, it’s manual update time for me. This is just frustrating already.

  148. Finally did it, and let me tell you, this is nice. But, my battery is going out even faster now and some times when in the charger it does not charge at all. Also my app control is acting funny. Some of my games are lagging as well. Fu*k it, I will just get me another battery and deletes does apps. Ohhhh yeahh Baby.

  149. Does this Work on Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 ?

  150. Cesco when you save the file and rename it will be on the sd in the download section. Just back out to the sd root, in other words until you see all the other files on the sd card and then paste to the root.

  151. Just got my update, Long Island, NY…and it’s great. Didn’t lose any apps, none of my contacts…and we Flash is “Incredible”.

  152. I got it to work but where can i download Flash 10.1 from?

  153. if you installed the update …you automatically got flash 10.1..look in setting/applications/manage applications and then at the top click on all…viola…there it is

  154. My patience ran out last night and I did the manual update. Smooth installtion, everything works perfect. Mmmm… sweet Froyo.

  155. Awesome I received my update this morning OTA, and now the entire web that Steve Jobs doesn’t want me to see on my phone has opened up to me. I am really glad I stopped drinking that Iphone Koolaid and came over to the Android platform.

  156. I tried to run the OTA update this morning, but it failed. Then I gave in, and decided to run the update.zip. However, my update is stuck in a continuous reboot. It will try to load (I get a progress indicator with the HTC logo in the background), but when it gets to about 30%, sometimes 47% sometimes both, I get a “Sorry process system is not responding – force close or wait” message. I have tried both, but in any case, it will get to about 90% and then reboot and start all over again. Anybody have any suggestions??

  157. @copr165 ok I pasted it but then what do I do? Nothin happened

  158. HELP PLEASE READ!!! My wife and I both have the DINC and we share a family plan. She received her 2.2 OTA update a few days ago and I didn’t so I went ahead and did the manual update. Now for some reason beyond me, my update seemed to have affected her phone and prompted her to reboot her phone as with during the manual update, so she unknowingly did the reboot. Now she has lost all her data on the phone and to make matters worst she has never did a backup of any kind. Has anyone experienced this and is it possible to retrieve any data contacts, pics, etc??

  159. Still no OTA for me…..

  160. @LostInNJ i’m on the same boat i keep getting the same error after rebootiing the phone a few times it would finally make it to the home screen but i would get an error that says server is not responding and ill have no service… sometimes it would try to load the home screen and go right back to the htc screen and stay in that circle i went as far as removing the battery and it still kept going my phone is rooted so i think that might be the problem but im trying to find a fix for it and will post if i find one

  161. @cdon… Not sure if you can retrieve any data. But, that sounds familiar to a problem my wife had a few months ago. Turns out she was holding the volume button down at the same time she was pressing the power button. It would take her to that reboot screen where you have to use the volume button to scroll down to select reboot. It would also mess up her contacts after she did. Make sure she’s not doing the same thing… just a thought.

  162. AMAZING! Thank you so much, i was stranded out here in Montana, and i know i would more then likely be waiting another month before they bothered with us.

  163. @cesco all you should have to do now is follow the instructions given by Phandroid in this post step by step. This is the same principle as if you downloaded it to your PC and then transferred to sd card. Only difference is that you downloaded the zip file directly to your smartphone from the Phandroid site and it seems to work. Did for me but you still have to now go through the process described above by Phandroid. Hope this helps!!

  164. I really like the ‘Update All’ in Market. Soooooooooo much better. Not a lot of changes to the eye but mine seems to run much faster and it was fast before. Hope it does the same to my X when I get it updated.

  165. okay so i downloaded it and everything moved it to my sd card and i get to the triangle screen thing, press vol up and power and select the “update.zip” file and then it starts and then says the installation is aborted and then nothing happens. what am i doing wrong?

  166. @LostInNJ and @JR – this has something to do with the clockwork recovery rom. it is not compatable with the update.

  167. Umm I think I m getting my OTA Froyo Update right now!!

  168. I did i did get my upgrade!! Sweeet!

  169. Thank you now have 2.2

  170. damn shame had to wait this damn long for a new reboot animation. vzw should have manual updates from now on. thanks for this great info…………fffffrrrrooooooyyyyoooooo beeeyyaatchhhh!

  171. I did the manual update and everything seems to work fine. Has anyone else had a problem with their calendar since the update..whether it was OTA or manual. For some reason I lost all of my events in the calendar and when I try to re-enter them on a day in the calendar an error message comes up that says “you have no calendars” Anyone else have this problem???

  172. I can’t fucking take it anymore. I’m trying to manually download. How do I transfer the file to my SD card’s root directory? I installed HTC Sync and have my phone connected to my laptop. The update.zip is sitting on my desktop and now I’m stuck. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  173. OMG!!!! NEVERMIND!!! My OTA just came through at 12:30am EST!!! (PA)

  174. Just got froyo 10:55pm wow awesome did not mess up any of my apps and about the battery life don’t know yet but will try it out soon.

  175. i decided not to do the manual update just for the sake of keeping everything completely kosher

    i am starting to regret this

    i still have not received the update, i might be the only one now.

  176. Wow, I was getting ready to start this then I went to go grab my phone and it said, new update ready for install. heehee. =) yayyyyyy me!!!

  177. Froyo automatic update today!!

  178. Um, I always thought it clever the HTC “quietly brilliant” logo followed by a single vibration. Now it’s followed immediately by a loud “Droid” no matter what the volume setting.

  179. Who ever is having problems installing froyo manually, i would like to help. I’ve had problems with the messages that you guys have mentioned. Like cache errors. I did figure out how to do it. And i would love to help you guys to get it done right to enjoy ur Incredibles on froyo. Its awesome. With froyo on this phone,there is no advantage from the droid x. Not more than a big screen and hdmi. Guys if you contact me in yahoo messenger at living_2success. I can set up a big reunion in those rooms that are empty. Younall can.set the phones beside your pc,and i expain.slowly. until everybody is at the same step. I will be warching for your friend request on yahoo. Make an id if you dont have one,download yahoo messenger IM,then add me. living_2success is my id.

  180. Lol sorry for the writing errors, i was doing it with my phone kinda fast.But join me on yahoo guys. Lets get it done.

  181. Just updated to Froyo on my Incredible. Now, when I look at “My Computer,” I see a NEW DRIVE labeled “CD Drive Verizon Mobile,” whenever I first plug my phone into the computer. I THINK this is a drive created on the phone (like the SD card, etc., but I can’t find it. Then I open it (on the PC), there are two folders (“drv” and “img”)and three files (“autorun,” “tl-bootstrap,” and “tlbs.” Clicking on the “tl-bootstrap” file takes me to a VZ website promoting VZ Media Manager (which I have not downloaded). This is very strange. I can’t seem to get rid of this. Help!

  182. After getting the runaround from Verizon’s tech support, and speaking to a supervisor, they told me that there would be another software update rolling out on September 3rd designed to fix many of the glitches in 2.2. It’s now the 4th and I have yet to see another update – anyone else??

    As for me, here’s what happened to my phone after the 2.2 update:

    1. 3 dropped calls (has NEVER happened to me on Verizon) while sitting at my desk at work. The other person was on a land-line and I’ve never had reception problems at work…

    2. Internet crashes at random


    4. Text messages being sent backwards. My friend receives longer texts that I send to him in reverse order.

    5. Apps that have never had problems (NFL Mobile, Craigslist, etc.) are requiring force close.

    Verizon better fix these problems soon! I loved my Incredible when I first got it, now it feels like I’m doing more for the phone than it’s doing for me…

  183. My Incredible requested the update yesterday morning. Except after my update was all completed….all of my apps are opening sideways!! I can’t hold my phone in the normal upright position, I have to turn the phone sideways to do EVERYTHING!! Grr So I contaced Verizon, and they have to send me a whole new phone! Love the phone, but it’s seriously annoying that I have to transfer everything to a new one!

  184. 2.2 version is killing my battery even know im killing apps ev minute . any one else having this prob.

  185. I have manualy load froyo 2.2. Now its taking 10 hours to charge it and last for only 3-4 hours. I went and got new battery still same problems. Does any one has same prolems? Thanks

  186. Tony- I too have no calendar anymore, went to Verizon and they have to wipe out my phone and reset it!

  187. Tony- figured it out, go to gmail settings and sync with pc, it will bring calendar back. Thanks to my awesome sister who figured it out….

  188. I keep getting an error when I try to install it. I have looked at sever people with the same problem but I am not making that error myself so I don’t know what else to do

    here is the error

    assert failed: file_getprop(“/system/build.prop”, “ro.build.fingerprint”) == “verizon/inc/inc/inc:2.1-update1/ERE27/161494:user/release-keys” file_getprop(“/system/build.prop” , ro.build.fingerprint”) == “verizon_wwe/inc/inc/inc:2.2/FRF91/231334:user/release-keys”
    E:Error in /sdcard/update.zip
    (status 7)
    Installation aborted

    I think that is about it, anyway I do have it on my sd card not in a folder or anything, I did rename it to “update” the .zip is auto added for me so I didn’t accidentally re-add another .zip to it. It is september-7-2010 now and I think I should have gotten it over the air by now since I can’t seem to manual update it… is there anything else I can try to get it?

  189. I am having the same problem/error message. I am totally frustrated and ready to concede defeat. Can anyone help? HELP!!! THANKS.

  190. Used to love my droid incredible before downloading this froyo 2.2….not only am I charging my phone every chance I get so the battery doesn’t die – but it also takes 6 hours to charge completely compared to 2 hours with 2.1..In addition, random apps just keep popping up even after I task kill them. This is ridiculous I can’t even go a normal working day without worrying about my battery dying! does anyone know if theres gonna be a new patch or some type of update to correct these problems?

  191. I STILL can’t install 2.2. Nothing but errors. If I contact Verizon will they help?

  192. I’ve been trying this for the past 6 hours and I’m not an idiot … I’ve rooted my original Droid before but I’m getting an error:

    “assert failed: file_getprop(”/system/build.prop”, “ro.build.fingerprint”) == “verizon/inc/inc/inc:2.1-update1/ERE27/161494:user/release-keys” file_getprop(”/system/build.prop” , ro.build.fingerprint”) == “verizon_wwe/inc/inc/inc:2.2/FRF91/231334:user/release-keys”
    E:Error in /sdcard/update.zip
    (status 7)
    Installation aborted”

    I have never recieved the notification to update my device.

    What to do?

  193. if anyone is getting a error (status 7) first check your software and and see if your software/build # says 1.22.605.0

    if it says that go to this link



  194. @ John.

    Don’t worry about it, stick with 2.1 as long as you can. I’ve had 2.2 since Sept. 1st and my battery life is terrible. I could go 10+ hours a day w/ normal usage before; now I can barely make it through 4 or 5 hours of normal use.

    The only cool thing about 2.2 is the boot up animation. Aside from that it’s caused me nothing but head ache. Essential apps like handcent and others force close frequently.

  195. don’t know if anyone else has had this problem, but I received Froyo update (about 10 days ago) and installed. But no Flash 10.1 pre-installed. Looked for it in App Market at the time, but didn’t show up (contacted Verizon support and they said Flash was “is included in the software update but needs to be downloaded from the App Market” Needless to say, how can it be included when you need to download it? . this past week 10.1 appears in App Market, I download and install, but not able to view Flash sites like Adobe Showcase. Today I spoke with another Verizon tech, who said to uninstall Flash and then re-install, which I did (with the new update still can’t view Flash sites. and now the Verizon tech says I have to do a Factory Reset (and he’s not sure that will work!)

  196. Hey, for anybody that’s having the following error, I think it’s caused by the fact that I deleted CityID after rooting my phone!

    E:\Can’t open /cache/recovery/command

    — Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    Installing update…
    Verifying current system…
    assert failed: apply_system_check(“/system/app/CityID.apk”, “a66a6f31558c6006d6985a6733ad1b93e4539646”, “20e9f7d5bad169b45d870f2444d27e7eb1c2ae9”)
    E:Error in /sdcard/update.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    I’ll report back here when I find out how to fix it. :-)

    Thanks! :-)

  197. Just want to start off by saying that all you guys who are getting all the error messages while trying the update, YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. I suffered through trying to update my phone for hours, always getting the same damn error messages even though I was going through all the steps carefully. Mike on an earlier post has it down right…

    @s and @Fletcher: had the same problem and fixed it with this in a comment above that complained about the cache/recovery/command error line that seems to be completely unrelated. First go here:
    apply that update.zip and then come back here to apply this froyo update.zip


  198. “Gregg wrote on September 1, 2010

    I was getting the error message about cache/recovery/command and could not run the update. I followed the instructions here:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=7933281#post7933281to install the “May” OTA on my phone (Software/Build number should say 1.22.605.2…not 1.22.605.0), ran the manual update.zip and success!”

    Thank you so much Gregg. I have been waiting for 6 weeks for this update OTA, all calls and visits with Verizon have resulted in “keep waiting, it will take a few months to complete the roll out”

    I had to dig around for your answer, but thank god i finally found someone with some knowledge. So sick of nitwit customer service people in this world.

  199. My inredible it rooted and flashed to metropcs ,,, Can I do that too ????

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