T-Mobile Expands HSPA+ Coverage to Nine New Cities, Will Double Speeds Next Year



If a lack of HSPA+ coverage in your area was putting you off from purchasing the upcoming T-Mobile G2, the company looks to be making some serious moves in rolling out their high-speed network to all corners of the United States. You may even be lucky enough to find your town’s name among the list of nine new places to receive coverage starting today.

New coverage areas include:

  • Boston, MA
  • Erie, PA
  • Fresno, CA
  • Palm Springs, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • Richmond, VA
  • Spokane, WA
  • Topeka, KS

Currently the HSPA+ network laid out by T-Mobile covers 100 million Americans spanning 55 major metro areas. HSPA+ speeds as of now max out at 21 Mbps, but TMo plans to double throughput to a theoretical max of 42 Mbps in 2011. Compare that to the 10 Mbps being touted for Sprint’s 4G network.

The T-Mobile G2 can’t quite take advantage of all that bandwidth with 14.4 Mbps maxing out download speeds on the handset, but it should offer a blazing fast alternative to the speed of the Samsung Epic 4G and HTC EVO 4G on Sprint.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. is the misspelling of miami on purpose?

  2. Finally, San Diego gets some love from somebody.

  3. Miama, FL – what country is that?

  4. i call this map BS.. theyve had houston since a while ago and ive not seen yet hspa+ signal on my phone


    Mobile, AL is on the list of cities getting HSPA+! :D

    I’m happy. :)

  6. Guys! Sign up for Angry Birds for Android Beta!

  7. P.S. we need Anaheim, CA area!

  8. Yes, finally some help for Las Vegas. Our 3G speeds are horrid in some areas

  9. As the late, great Sam Kinison (mostly) once said,

    “You live in a f—ing desert! Why don’t you move to where the 3G is?”


  10. Waiting for Sacramento

  11. Question… how fast can current t-mobile phones like the cliq go on hspa+?

  12. I love how they do Spokane, WA. Never makes sense to me.

  13. RPG Master, don’t get too excited. Mobile is on the map and the whole system is supposed to be in place already and they are just waiting to flip it on. The problem is Eglin airforce base in Pensacola, FL will not allow Tmobile to use the bands required for hspa + or 3G. That’s why we don’t have 3g already and places like Dothan, AL do. It is painful I know. Eglin might not allow until 2014 and who knows what you’ll want by then or where you will be living.

  14. But what is the latency like? That’s the real benefit of Sprint’s WiMax based network. Shame Sprint’s 4G coverage is a joke.

  15. @nicholas Short answer: It probably depends a whole lot on where you are. Network congestion, quality of connection, etc.

    HSPA phones (without the plus) max out at 7.2 Mbps theoretical, and being on an HSPA+ network doesn’t change that. But an HSPA phone on an HPSA+ network is supposedly able to use more of its theoretical maximum bandwidth than on an HSPA network — which is I think what you’re asking about. I don’t think there’s really any rule or guarantee; some people have reported nice gains after the switch. Here in Boston today, 3G speeds on my Vibrant (HSPA) are as piss-poor as they were yesterday, topping out around 500-600 Kbps. Maybe the network needs a few days to settle in.

    And actually, the thing is stuck on Edge now, no 3G at all ;P. I’m gonna pretend they’re doing a network reboot.

  16. Wade Stringfellow, that’s good info!

  17. Topeka, KS? Seriously? I live here and I call bs…

  18. HSPA+ really is amazing. They flipped the switch in Tampa and now I’m easily getting speeds ranging from 2.5-4 mbps with latencies around 100. before I would get 800-kbps-1100kbps with latencies around 160. And that’s on a 2 year old G1! I wonder how much faster it would be on a phone with a stronger radio.

  19. So let me ask you this question: do you think the G2 will really be that big of a deal? Or will the dual-core phone coming out for TMO a month or two later be so much better that the G2 will be a cult favorite only?

  20. the only phone capable of HSPA+ right now is the T-Mobile G2

    so if you don’t have that phone, you will not be able to get these speeds…


  21. Chicago must be too gangster for these bitches.. hurry the hell up

  22. Whatever T-Mobile states that HSPA+ is their so-called “4G” or the future of it…well technically, it isn’t. LTE is the true “4G” network. Keep dreaming ‘T-Mobile’.

  23. solomon, no different than sprint calling theirs 4g, when it’s not

  24. I had read some time ago that the Nexus One was HSPA+ capable. Has anyone else heard that?

  25. I had a nexus one and it is a hspa phone (7.2 mbps).

  26. @james
    we still benefit from hspa+. people are reporting up to 5 Mbps. That is a serious improvement and tmobile isn’t asking for more money for 4G which is also cool.

  27. I’m in san deigo and no improvement yet. This is really good news for me though. Does anyone know if hspa+ shows up in the about phone area?

  28. Would really like them to pick up the pace and get this up and running in Denver. Kinda surprised they haven’t yet since it’s the 16th most populated area in the country.

  29. San antonio- my n1 went from 2-3m to 3-5m consistently, I don’t even need any more speed. 21-41 is incomprehensible and even a little to me at this point. I wish more people understood how much more potential tmo has over its competition. People are so stupid, they hear “4g” and assume it can’t be anything but far superior. These are the same people who don’t look at specs before they buy a phone. Its no way to live

  30. No one has 4g lte, wimax ,and hspa+ are all 4g alternatives look it up. Sprint has just lied and said they have a 4g network. No one has yet invested the time and money to meet the requirments of what is the fourth generation and cell phone technology

  31. @Solomon, Tmobile is not dreaming, this is it. With Tmobile HSPA+ you can get theoretical speeds of 14mb, I think that is 4g in my book. Also, no devices have HSPA+ right now, the only one is the g2 coming out on September 30.

  32. Yes, Moses. Probably why Tmo doesn’t refer to HSPA+ as 4G.

  33. This sucks I have a tower on my property with 3G+ for months already and as of Saturday the damn 3G isn’t working, its only 2G for me now.

  34. Here in Houston I think we have the biggest 3G+ coverage, so wonder why almost everyone I know is on T-mobile here. Cheapest prices and fastest speeds :)

  35. O my fxcking goodness they jus started the progress of pushing the HSPA+ give them a chance. Everything isn’t gonna be peaches and cream in the blank of an eye. Give them some time. And if there isn’t any HSPA+ in ur area by the middle of next year then u start bitching okay. Lawd

  36. I hope they are better at keeping their maps updated,, when I was considering getting my existing phone, 3G wasn’t on the map and they were rolling out everywhere.. I basically had to call my local store and found out it had been here for a few months.

  37. I’m in Phoenix and I saw a HUGE increase in data speed over the weekend. 3-5 Mbps using on my Nexus One. Anyone else in Phoenix notice this increase? I thought for sure they turned on HSPA+. But not according to this article.

  38. Adam, I experienced the same thing. 3.1 Mbps last night in Goodyear and 2.9 this morning in East Mesa.

  39. Im in gilbert and i saw an increase in speeds about 3 weeks ago. 3-5mbits at my house. Samsung galaxy S.

  40. @Solomon they say “4G Like Speeds” they dont say “4G Network”. Check your facts.

  41. So, I am in phoenix as well with Nexus one on tmobile…is phoenix also included in HSPA+..are we going to get 4g speed?

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