Galaxy Tab Supported Wireless Frequencies Revealed in GCF Approval



We already know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is headed to Verizon thanks to a leaked inventory image, but a GCF filing for the device reveals a radio that is quite capable of a wide-range of carriers as well. The Tab carries coverage for quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE and triband UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA. While we are sure to learn much more of the launch plans for the tablet at its impending unveiling at IFA on Thursday, we get the feeling Samsung wants to take a similar approach with their tablet as they have with the Galaxy S and get it to as many outlets as possible by shunning carrier exclusivity.

[via TheUnwired]

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  1. thumbs up!

  2. this looks like it’s got AT&T written all over it

  3. It looks pretty good that a contract will be required, unless samsung comes out with a wifi only version.

  4. Would definitely get this if they release a Wi-Fi only version. Don’t need another monthly bill. *Fingers crossed*

  5. No 2100?

  6. @james – I have a MyTouch with no sim, works fine on wifi, so I think most android phones are functional without a “monthly bill” It’s nice to be able to keep the apps up to date in case something happens to my vibrant.

  7. UTMS / WCDMA on 2100, 1900, and 900

    UTRA FDDI UMTS2100 IMT-2000 UMTS Core band
    UTRA FDDII UMTS1900 GSM1900 band
    UTRA FDDVIII UMTS900 GSM900 band

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