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Angry Birds…I don’t quite get the hype (maybe that is because I have never had the opportunity to play it), but it is coming to Android. Before it can get an official release, however, it must go through its beta-testing rounds. This is where the good news comes in for any readers who have been itching to try the game. An e-mail was sent out today informing that all those who sign-up at the Angry Birds site will be invited to a “massive beta test” of the game come this Friday.

Now you are probably asking, where do I sign up? Do it, and let us know how it goes once the test build gets out. (Also, they are apparently considering a movie and/or TV version of the game in case playing it on your phone doesn’t get you your fix.)

[via DroidLife]

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  1. YES! I’m super pumped about this! Finally!

  2. Sooo buying this when it comes out!

  3. This is BIG …..

    yes I would like to see a movie too

  4. In love I signed up last week after emailing them and asking for a date for the game to launch on android.

  5. registered a couple of weeks ago but haven’t got any email (yet)

  6. Never even heard of it until right now

  7. Kevin, where have you been? Even an Android Phan like you must surely have been exposed to an iPhone or iPod Touch, if not an iPad. This is a great game, and bringing it to Android is a great thing for Android.

  8. Really, Kevin…? Really? This is going to be epic for Android.

  9. Can’t wait! Angry birds rocked on the iPhone — it’s ultimate time-waster!! :)

  10. Cant wait until Friday! I want it so baad! Already signed up. Love games like this.

  11. SWEET! I’ve been waiting for this since I switched to Android. Only thing that iPhone had that Android didn’t was Angry Birds. Now iPhone has nothing over Android!!!

  12. Played this on a buddy’s iPhone and loved it. I would pay cash for this game.

  13. so can I get my old iphone license transferred to my new android phone?

  14. Just an fyi. Saying that you don’t understand the hype for something that you have never tried isn’t a very good way to start an article. Stoked for angry birds personally.

  15. i signed up to them long time ago but still didnt get any email.
    Anyway, i cant wait for this.

  16. I played it on my friends Iphone for about 3 hours, easily the most addicting game i have played in awhile, which says something since i own just about every video game console in existence and play PC games.

  17. This game is the reason my iPod Touch battery is always dead. Love it! Kind of like Crush the Castle only with Pigs and Birds. Its win win!

  18. About time. Yes you need to play it (have it on ipod touch).

    There is a fake Angry Birds on the market now and it looks like it blows. Do not get that way. Make sure you get the right one.

  19. Wow, someone please explain why this game has such a crack addiction factor!

  20. Used to play this all the time on my touch, its so much fun lol this will be a serious step up for Android gaming

  21. I hope the aspect ratio is proper for 854×480 phones.

  22. I don’t get the hype either. Looks like any other free 2D flash game.

  23. I have to say it sounds like kiddy game… But with all the hype about it I will give it a try…maybe its not kiddy at all

  24. I am waiting for this game to be out as I really want to play this game..

  25. Saw a youtube of this, looks AWESOME!

  26. this is the most exciting news I’ve come across since the birth of my first child!

  27. Just go youtube it… I thought it was stupid myself, with a name like that, til I played it….. I thought the same thing of Plants vs Zombies as well. I was wrong on both accounts.


  29. OMG i LOVE angry birds!!! its the best thing on iphone, u ppl dont deserve it on android!! iphone FTW!!!!

  30. @Millhouse, what do you mean, “u ppl?”

  31. @DroidRiffic, i think the troll has learning difficulties and is trying to say “you people” as opposed to “u ppl?”

    cant wait to get this on my droid XD

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