FCC Gets Hands on Epic 4G, Phone Cries, “You’re Tearing Me Apart”



Literally. Now that all are free to get their hands on the Samsung Epic 4G, the FCC has decided it would rather get their hands in it. While this strip-down is more utilitarian than the type we normally see from iFixIt (who no doubt will have a go at the Epic as well), the guts of the phone are laid out in all of their gory glory.


Yeah, it really won’t give you too much insight into the Epic 4G unless you are a technical geek who marvels at the intricate way parts are assembled, but its neat to look at nonetheless. All that power packed into a tiny device. Hit up the source link for more images.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. a reference to “the room”!! how obscure!

  2. Can you point to the non working GPS chip.

  3. @Robert: Can’t, Google Maps isn’t working…

  4. @robert, I picked up an Epic today and I can say on my phone the GPS is working and accurate. I lock onto sats very quick.

  5. You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!


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