TweetDeck Updates Beta to Version 0.9.5



If there is one thing you can say about TweetDeck, it would be that through the entire process of preparing to launch their Twitter client for Android they have made every effort to provide a quality product. When a lesser beta leaked, they were quick to promise the real version for public consumption would be out shortly and be improved. And sure enough it was. Now after several beta updates they are drawing nearer and nearer to a 1.0 release.

It almost comes as an added bonus that TweetDeck is shaping out to be just about as good as everyone hoped. Read the changelog below.

  • Full compatibility with all phones running 1.6 and above
  • Added option to remove Facebook, Buzz, or Foursquare accounts
  • Added option to delete tweets sent by you
  • Improved handling and refined UI for Facebook and Google Buzz attachments
  • Fixed bug preventing successful updates containing multiple photos
  • Added multi-Twitter account compose
  • New “More” button on all Twitter user profiles and updates allowing Reply All, Sharing, Translation, Copy update text, Copy update URL
  • Tapping the header when at the top of the column will refresh that column

Download it here!

[via DroidLife]

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  1. damn, still no widget, or notification settings?

  2. …and it still only shows tweets from one account.

  3. Still no landscape mode. FUUUU-

  4. I have been waiting for this app ever since I went from iPhone to Android. Finally they release it and i download the first beta only to be disappointed. This one is no different. Both twidroyd and touiteur are better apps and have more options better ui’s. Others may disagree, just my opinion. I just don’t like it.

  5. @brad there are notification settings. They’re individual for each column. Press menu and then column settings. You can set specific notification options for each individual column you have.

  6. I enjoy it despite the beta tag. But I have my twitter and Facebook linked up yet when I send a tweet while adding the Facebook option it never posts to my Facebook is this because my Facebook account is private? If so what’s the point of it allowing me to synch them all together

  7. @brad there are notification settings. click the menu button then column settings. you can customize each column’s notifications

  8. awesome, i’ve been waiting for the “share” pull down menu so i get email tweets to my email.

  9. 0.9.5 won’t update facebook or google buzz, only twitter. I rolled back to 0.9.3 and everything started working as normal. sent a tweet out to @tweetdeck regarding this.

  10. no time stamp either. tweetdeck rocks on my computer much better options so far on my android

  11. The Foursquare portion is what kills this for me. The list of ‘nearby’ places is way off in Austin, TX. That would be fine if I could simply search for the location I’m at and check in manually, but there’s no search function. Lame.

  12. I am having a hard time getting this to install. It goes through the process and then says it is not installed

  13. Looks pretty good so far.

  14. Great app for iPhone and desktop, but still a LONG way to go for Android. Twicca is my default twitter app for now. I have high hopes for tweetdeck but it’s definitely not there yet and won’t be until functionality is matched to desktop and iPhone versions.

  15. Still having the Facebook issue I have had since 0.9.3. It will not update at all. No point in using it as a unified social network client if it won’t update.

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