Leaked Samsung Fascinate Equipment Guide Gives Full Spec Run Down



Just when you thought there was nothing else to leak for the Samsung Fascinate, we have gotten our mits on a few images of the Equipment Guide giving the full run down of specs. Yeah, yeah…not a whole lot to learn about a phone that has already been released in one form or another a handful of times, and considering the Verizon Galaxy S won’t feature quite the same alterations as the Epic 4G for Sprint the list reads like old news.


Perhaps the most interesting takeaway point is a release date of 9/8/2010 listed, a day earlier than the September 9th date we heard about earlier. Either this equipment guide or the leaked info from previous is outdated, but what difference would a day make anyway? Raise your hand if you want the Fascinate. Who’s excited?

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  1. FFC would’ve sealed the deal. I’ll wait to upgrade in the fall/winter.

    But what’s up with Bing Maps/Search being preinstalled and highlighted? Is that a Samsung thing or are Google and Verizon starting to have problems? Anyone ever use either on Android?

  2. My Mom will be excited :-) Well, as excited as she could possibly get about a phone. It will be a big step up from her LG messaging phone…

  3. The Bing integration is exclusive to Verizon (thankfully). I have never used either on Android.

  4. Lighter than Droid X. My phone is officially obsolete. Which is SAD.

  5. …since it came out a month ago.

  6. Hey Phandroid (Kevin) can you not read??? It says internet launch is on Sept 8th (more then likely to get orders delivered by Sept 9th). It then states an all channel launch on Sept 9th. That’s the date. I’m done :)

  7. I wonder how the camera compares to Droid Incredible. I have had some focusing issues on my dinc (2.1) maybe 5mp would be ok as long as the camera works well.

  8. 384MB of RAM? isn’t that wrong? If not then NO GINGERBREAD!!!

  9. @myself…

    I must have skimmed that… didn’t see the 512

  10. @diar, Microsoft is paying verizon or samsung to include that. It is just another piece of bloat-ware.

  11. isn’t this the 1st of the S-series phones to have a flash?

  12. So no FFC? I thought it was supposed to have a 0.3 megapixel FFC?? Oh well, still would be a good phone.

  13. even though this is the best android phone. I think im giving up on android….there are just no apps …and its just ugly and clunky. i might go webos when pre 2 comes out.

  14. kind of annoying how the front facing camera is absent on some of the Galaxy S line, and also how they haven’t bothered to make it simple to use like Apple did with FaceTime. Fring works supposedly, but uses the wrong camera and doesn’t detect the mic last I heard. Clearly the carriers don’t like the idea of people using video calling much, they still seem to be going out of their way to make it difficult to do. (Have to do some minor hacking on the iPhone 4 to allow it to work over 3G) Hard to believe AT&T has been trying to float the idea of video calls since the 60s and yet still in 2010 they can’t seem to make it work over.

  15. Very nice, not quite top of the line but close.

  16. Android is horrible. They have the best hardware but whats the point when the apps stink!!! Iphone still best all around…but my fave is webos………..Palm Pre 2 where are you???????

  17. Kind of bothers me the GSM version get like 8-16gb built in while the Epic only has something around 1gb and the Fascinate has only 2gb. THey should have given us at least 8gb of space, like the D2, DX, and DI.

  18. So do the other Galaxy’s have 512 or what? Seems REALLY strange to gimp a phone that made it out of the gate with DIVX support…of all things!

  19. Meh, I’m not impressed. I’ll stick to my X

  20. Trust me its guarenteed 512 ram!!!!

  21. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! … No Google Maps + Navigation??? Can that be downloaded?
    Will it have LED Notification?
    Have they fixed the frigging GPS yet?

  22. So excited. I waited while everyone else got there Incredibles, Droid X and 2 for this phone. It was hard to hold out and I almost gave in, this will be my first Android device and im super excited.

  23. No. The phone has 512 ram, it’s just that currently 2.1 only reads 384mb. When froyo comes along, it will register the full 512. additionally, it has 2gb NAND, and about 13gb flash storage. The smaller partition is a faster memory for storing and loading apps.

  24. @Webby

    Yes, you can download all the google apps from the google android market ;)
    I don’t believe any Galaxy S phone has LED notifications
    Last I heard, the Epic has its lag problems and GPS tested and fixed – it stands to reason that something released even later would DEFINITELY have the same fixes implemented :)

    No FFC is a problem, but for most people, this phone is a win! Everything else is pretty top notch

    @Brettlewis The camera on my Captivate takes better pictures than you would think, and the quality impresses even professional photographers (for a cell phone) – People are constantly amazed you can take panoramic pictures, the zoom is great, and I saw a comparison of the iphone4 cam which is higher megapixel and has a flash, and because of built in white balancing, the Captivate’s picture was of a much higher quality… Take it how you want :)

  25. @myself – The iphone4 has the same megapixels!

  26. So with 512 flash and 384 rom which one makes the phone run fast? is this bad? sorry for the newb question. if the flash is for storage then whats the 2gb for? i am confused. please assist? i may pass on this phone if it is slower than something like the DI or DX

  27. i mean 384 ram sorry

  28. @webby, i believe that yes, google maps can be downloaded. i know it shows up in the marketplace whenever there are updates available for it so it makes sense that you should be able to download it to a phone, which for reasons no one other than the decision makers can fathom, came without them pre-installed.

  29. I like boobs

  30. Well you can’t download the Google search app, I just checked. Why Bing?

  31. @Karl, correction, the Epic DOES have LED notification.

  32. Bang wack will not buy will wait for new HTC verizon

  33. This phone isn’t as good as my X. I’ll be keeping my X until LTE is ready.

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  35. Does the RAM number listed mean that there is 512MB of flash on board, with 384 available? If that’s the case, it should still be Gingerbread ready. It might only have 384 available due to some of it being utilized by the OS. AMIRITE?

  36. Galaxy S , Facsinate Phone is bad ass imo. 720p hd record Quaocomm 4in amoled and 1 ghz is what makes this device. The idea of putting Bing Maps on this phone is cool too. I’m liking Bing more and more. Just grows on you.

  37. HMMmmmm my posts were takin down all because I said android the OS is horrible??? WOW is this site becoming APPLE? If i dont agree my comments are takin down?? I hope not because after 4 different android phones ive given up and am waiting for the Pre 2

  38. X is better

  39. The screen quality is amazing and 4 inches will be just the right size for a lot of people. But I’m sticking with my Droid X backorder.

  40. X is for teenage boys. Lame commercials geared toward Transformers fans. Horrible UI, crappy camera, washed out screen, hump-butt: No thanks. Fascinate is looking good.

  41. Guys i had the Droid X for the past month. I have played with the Samsung Captivate. I would take the captivate hands down. The UI is not the old touchwiz its very good. Plus there are custom roms for ALL versions!!!!! And it can be overclocked to 1.6 with no hicupps….Doesnt get hot or crash!!!! Go to XDA and check up on it. Im getting the fascinate as my phone till the Pre 2 comes out!!

  42. I’ve spent a good deal of time with the Droid X and own a Samsung Vibrant and the Vibrant is simply a better phone. The processor and screen are amazing. The camera can take some really great pictures and video too.

  43. 2GB internal mem!!!!!

  44. Bing maps/nav?? Thumbs down :(

  45. Oh my God! This is very similar to the other two phones that Samsung released only this one is better because it is on Verizon! God you people are weak.

    And to all of the DX people, no one cares that you think your phone is better. The Galaxy S is a tremendous phone, if only Samsung would release the fixes to make it work right. Just wait Verizon people, you will find out…but when 2.2 gets installed this thing is gonna scream.

  46. Oh and what’s up withe 2gb of internal memory? That sucks! The Vibrant has 16gb internal and up to 32gb SD card (2gb supplied).

  47. I had a chance to play around with this one. To say it has bugs is an understatement. Plus the phone has the overall feel of a cheap device trying to be high-end. beautiful screen but not much more. Better off with an X or Dinc.

  48. I read that Verizon will disable GPS on all maps except VZ Navigator so bye bye free navigation on the Fascinate? Anyone else read this?

  49. What an awesome phone. can’t wait! i’ve seen so many droid x, droid etc.. videos and they are all so damn slow and laggy.

  50. Yeh, if you want a truly future proof phone, this is the one to get. It even beats dual core snap dragons coming out for cryin out loud lol. And the GPU is still king of the hill. NO ONE COMES CLOSE

  51. Love my Vibrant but, I must say the fascinate looked a good deal sexier.

  52. 512MB Flash ROM and 384MB RAM???
    384MB RAM, why does this phone have lowest spec amount galaxy S phones?

  53. @ Johnny
    if you think Droid X is laggy then you’re very confused.

  54. wack bing is wack but the new htc phone for verizon is coming out soon wait for that front facing camera and everything will be way better than this junk trying to just get sales in verizon, those bums

  55. if you ever played with any of the new samsungs on their new markets such as att and t mobile you would know that the phones do not offer enough space and are very buggy not enough time and effort put in just trying to put a quick phone together to make a quick buck. the quality is poor and there is no customization for samsungs what you see is what you get

  56. BING???? WTF!!!

  57. Samsung’s screen is very good, but not a very good sense of control

  58. @tom Dunno what you’ve been reading, but it’s wrong. The Fascinate already has two nav apps available (VZ Navigator and Bing’s nav app, whatever it’s called), and the leaked Verizon training documentation available on BGR and/or Engadget clearly shows that Google Maps/Navigation will be available for download from the Market, so no, the GPS should not be locked down. I think Verizon knows it would be suicide to try and do that, especially since their CEO promised that Verizon’s Android phones would be “open.” Locking GPS to their paid app is certainly not “open.”

  59. Thanks Brad, I did see the leaked docs on BGR showing Google Nav. as available. (those docs list Bing as the search app. and Google search app. not available. It also says “Remove/change search widget to another search engine – “N”). Bing was installed ota to my BBS2 but at least I could get a page link to Google search. Maybe there will be one for the Fascinate. I wish I bookmarked the site where I read GPS locked to VZ Nav. but I hope it’s wrong!

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