Remember the Milk Goes Freemium for iPhone, Android to Follow?


Remember the Milk is one of the most useful note taking, list making, and productivity tools out there. It’s been around since before Android landed on its first device, and while they took quite a while to make their way into the Android market, the app was (and still is) only usable for anyone with a premium account.


Yesterday, however, the company announced plans to give their free users access to the iPhone app, albeit with some limitations. Push notifications and unlimited server synchronizations are taken away, but that’s a small price to pay if you don’t believe Remember the Milk is worth paying for anyway (most people will agree that every penny spent on RTM has been absolutely worth it).

They’re not yet sure on any plans to give Android users the same freemium offering, however, as they’ve stated on Twitter they want to see how the change sits with the iOS crowd first. Perhaps this will entice some of you guys to try out the service over competitors such as Astrid, Evernote, and 3Banana if they ever do decide to bring a similar model to market. Would you guys bite?

[RTM via Androinica]

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  1. As an ex-RTM user, I think toodledo is a lot better.

  2. Wow, I use RTM religiously, and even at $25 a year, it’s well worth it. Fremium will be pretty game changing for them.

  3. I don’t understand how this is different to the calendar. Can anyone explain?

  4. I just use Astrid which can sync to RTM. Unless the RTM app has any really cool features that Astrid doesn’t, I don’t think I’ll be switching.

  5. I will agree with C here. Being a Getting Things Done follower, I struggled trying to find the right solution for my Droid. ToodleDo and their app (Got To Do) are both free now and offer similar if not better solutions. ToodleDo has a free solution to sync your Microsoft Outlook tasks to ToodleDo and Got To Do for free. I tried Astrid, Official RTM and many others and found that combination makes it the best task manager on the Android.

  6. RTM pro is definitely worth the $25!

  7. I tried the free version of Note Everything and quickly upgraded to the paid version. It was the first app I’ve paid for (but not the last).

  8. I currently use RTM with Astrid, which is almost useless because Rtm won’t mark things done and has trouble staying in sync. I’d welcome a free RTM app!

  9. I use “OI Shopping List” Android application for lists like this. It is free.

  10. If you use Google’s tasks found in Gmail, GTasks is an awesome FREE app that has a similar interface to RTM.

    GTasks has syncing, reminders, multiple lists shown at once, color coded, customizable home screen widgets. I highly recommend it.

  11. I just use my head.

  12. As people have alluded to already, there are plenty of FREE options available already. No need to waste your money on RTM.

  13. Meh, I’m so forgetful, I’ll even forget to check my phone.

  14. Gtasks in android market is much better and syncs with tasks in your gmail account. Not to mension it’s cheaper. I’ve have RTM also so I speak from experience.

  15. got to agree with Jaegs…
    Google tasks (widget on igoogle page) synced on phone with Gtasks is free and works perfectly.
    I’m going to buy some beer with my $25.. yeh yeh

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