Order the Samsung Epic 4G from Amazon and Get it for $200 On-Contract



The Samsung Epic 4G, the Galaxy S phone headed to Sprint, might just be the most anticipated of the line to reach US soil, and for good reason. 4G connectivity and a hardware keyboard in addition all of the other goodies packed into the Galaxy S make it the most unique offering of all existing variants. But along with those added bonuses comes a price tag slightly higher than the $199 we have come to expect for most major smartphones. Sure, the $250 on-contract price tag isn’t that much greater, but you won’t even have to worry about that if you go through Amazon. They are offering the Epic 4G for the standard $200 on a new two-year contract.

They are also offering free two-day shipping when they begin sending out devices on August 31st. Seems like a ideal way to snag the Epic, but don’t forget to check out that fine print.

“The new Samsung Epic from Sprint is now available for pre-order and should begin shipping on August 31, 2010. Due to demand for this device, you may experience a slight shipping delay.”

What would a major handset launch be without a bit of possible delay? Anyway, head over to Amazon now if this deal fits your fancy and snag up the Epic soon to get yourself into the first batch of shipped phones.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Better deal at Wirefly. This deal requires $36 activation per line so not that great of a deal.

  2. so even the Facinate is following the $200 android pricetag, unlike the Epic4g….thats….Facinating

  3. so you’re just getting $50 off if you get it from amazon?

  4. But the facinate does not have front facing camera, physical keyboard, 4g. If you don’t like the 250 from other places don’t pay. I don’t mind. I have been waiting for 8 months to replace my G1 with a top end phone not a mid like the My touch slide.

  5. So I am guaranteed to get my phone at radio shack for 250 on the 31st. If I ordered at amazon I MIGHT get the phone by Thursday or two months. Naw I already paid the 50 bucks and know I am getting it this Tuesday. Sorry Amazon.

  6. Everyone keeps going back to the Epic being $50 bucs more..

    $25 for the keyboard
    $25 for the front facing camera

    seems worth it no? okay then dont buy it..

    Hell the Epic has WORKING GPS and has the lag fix already built in..That should be worth the extra $50 right there..Get voer the $50 dollars difference already.

  7. the EPIC might be a good phone with the slide out keyboard but i’d rather wait it out for the EVO to come back in stock….it’s been a hell of a wait though. i’ve been chasing down the EVO for 2 months. im on 3 waiting lists in 3 different cities

  8. i couldnt figure out how to get it… i already have an account with sprint and i would be adding a line to the account

  9. $10 premium charge per month for the epic. So you are paying $240 more for 2 years. Might be worth it if you live in 4g market to get 4mbps speed average or stock to the 2mbps 3g average speed of verizon. Tough call.

  10. $50? Really? Does it break your bank that much? This phone doesnt compare to vibrant, fascinate, and captivate..those 3 compare to each other.

    Like saying the convertible version wit a sport package should cost the same as the standard coupes…

  11. @GalaxySPIMP- I fail to see your point!

    On a comparable plan through Verizon and AT&T they are both MORE even with Sprints $10 4g fee which also gets you unlimited data btw something the others don’t.

    So in the end you will pay MORE going with Verizon or AT&T..So go ahead and pay out the butt to get Verizon’s 3g speeds and capped data plan.

  12. Wirefly is much more expensive. I just checked out their page and the Epic is $239.99 and the fine print still includes a $72 activation fee for two lines. I also don’t think the $50 price difference is that big of a deal. The thing I do like is not having to mess around with the $100 rebate. Amazon is the way to go! I’m ordering up two of these guys tomorrow…

  13. So once again those who are already a customer end up paying more.

  14. Ordered mine this morning. I saw a friends samsung and really liked it. I just lucked into buying it on Amazon. I knew that a better phone than the evo would come along if I just waited.

  15. @matt relax matt. I did the math for you.
    Sprint 450 minute plan is $70+10 for 4g premium b4 taxes
    Verizon 450 is $40+ $30 for data.
    Use google voice for texting and skype/gmail voice to make unlimited calls over 3g.
    Just my ¢.02 don’t get me wrong. Ilike the epic 4g.

  16. Looks like Wirefly’s promotion of waiving the activation fee is over now my bad. I just call Wirefly and confirmed the order I place a week ago doesn’t have activation fees.

  17. @GalaxySPIMP – Oh you’re comparing apples to oranges now?

    Considering the Sprint plan you mention already comes with unlimited txting..

    So you’re right if you compare a DIFFERENT plan from the other carriers its less..Well done son..

  18. But you have to get said plan with sprint. Msg plan is obsolete with the invention of google voice.

  19. @GalaxySPIMP- you can get the EVO on another cheaper plan now.

    As far as google voice not everyone wants to setup google voice and go through all that crap to get a txt msgs..

    Most people just want to txt from their native txt msging app and be done with it.

    Besides Google has enough personal info they don’t need access to my txt msgs and voicemail etc.

  20. $290 extra to not hassle with google voice setup is baller.

  21. @galaxySPIMP I agree that verizon offers more choice to their customers. I just wish sprint would get rid of that damn “premium” fee. Sprint is lagging behind att and verizon, and yet cost more?

  22. Well hell for that matter I’ll just set the EVO up on a prepaid and get unlimited everything for $50 a month.

    Beat that! :)

  23. I’m waiting to see if Best Buy or such has a good deal on it. Sometimes it’s worth paying more to be able to hold a physical person accountable for getting things done.

  24. i think that they patched Google voice/skype, or you have to pay for it now, could be wrong though but i thought i saw that in an article on this webpage. Stop bending the facts to make your arguments better, sprint gives you unlimited calling to cell phones and than an additional 450 minutes to other lines, and Verizon doesn’t get anywhere near 2mbs unless i guess you happen to have the greatest towers ever where you live and work. Also, Verzion doesn’t have data caps as far as i know, so both of you need to stop making up facts.

  25. @Eric- Verizon and AT&T both have data caps..That is a fact! Do some research.

  26. Google voice is free and verizon’s $30 unlimited data plan is unlimited. Skype is useless and unreliable but the new gmail calling thing seems to work ok. My 3g speed r ranges anywhere from 1.2 to 3.2mb. Rule the air!

  27. If unlimited = 5gig of data then yes Verizon’s is unlimited. Don’t bother reading the fine print in your contract just go by the commercial. rule the air! haha

  28. I will be happy when I can get this phone. As for the whole Verizon vs Sprint vs AT&T vs T-Mobile thing, Sprint is the best option for me. Remember to those who try to inform people that their plan is better, it may be better for you, but if the service is crap in my city, it won’t be better for me. Where I live, Sprint has the best coverage. I have friends on AT&T and Verizon and they complain about their coverage, I have never had an issue. So bring on the Epic, can’t wait to get mine in October (unless it is sold out at the time)

  29. @matt why are you talking out of your ass?
    there is no 5gig cap. check out the dinc forum and find the thread data usage. some use well over 5gig and one particular person used 47gig one month.

  30. you want a big deal…well SPRINT offers much on their 69.99 plan unlike other service s provider. Because Sprint has the unlimited Any Mobile Anytime features. With this, you can call any other mobile phone (regardless of the carrier) unlimited (unlike Verizon which allows a customer to just pick 5 other lines to call unlimited and ATT doen’t have this feature). Just imagine how much money can you save with this plan.

  31. looking for the a right plan for your phone? look closely on this:

    (data where taken out from their respective websites)

    69.99 plan….whose the best?

    Verizon’s 69.99 plan includes unlimited talk (verizon to verizon)

    what about data? add 29.99!

    AT&T’s 69.99 plan includes unlimited AT&T to AT&T phones, unlimited nights and weekends starts at 9pm to 6 am.

    what about messaging? add 20 for unlimited!
    what about data? depends on the phone model….
    basic phones: add 15
    smartphones: add 30
    other features? well…add more money!!!
    mobile tv: 9.99
    navigator (GPS): 9.99
    push-to-talk: 5 (unlimited)

    Sprint’s 69.99 includes
    unlimited messaging (text, picture,video,picture mail)
    unlimited data (internet access with no cap!)
    unlimited Any mobile Anytime (call mobile phones in US regardless of the carrier for unlimited)
    nights and weekends: 7pm to 7am

    other features?
    sprint tv
    sprint music
    unlimited GPS

    (all in!!! prices are subjected with tax)

  32. Why does everything turn into sprint vs verizon. Verizon 5gb caps are for wireless cards. Its in the fine print. Not for cell phones. They have come out and confirmed that at the Droid x release conference.

  33. Ok, so 1. what’s the least expensive when activation, main purchase, rebate and all that crap are accounted for? 2. which one will get to me quicker? 3. If i order from amazon or wirefly, aren’t there certain things i won’t be able to do/get? I’m not really sure about any of these. I have a reservation on sprint already, so any answers?

  34. the 5 gigs is for data cards not cell phones. Actually read the fine print.

  35. You are all stupid. Verizon and Att DO HAVE DATA CAP!! If you had data before they capped it, you dont have data cap. If you sign up for data after they capped, YOU HAVE DATA CAP!

  36. You are all dumb. Every carrier sucks. They all have their problems no matter what area u are in or what phone u have or what plan u have. Quit whineing and just get over it. =)

  37. The biggest problem I have is it’s easier to hassle over what you owe them than to try and get back what you think is owed you.

    And what if the product never shows? From Sprint: it will and if it doesn’t, well it will. From Radio Shack, you’ll get to use the gift card on other merchandize (no cash refund).

    Amazon entire worth is their ability to stand by the customer. They don’t charge you until it ships and then you can return and cancel anytime before it ships.

  38. Doesn’t Sprint’s $10 “4G fee” also give you unlimited data?
    I think that’s a plus over the other services capped data plans…

  39. Any one who is waiting for the EVO let me know, we can get them via direct ship where (in most all cases)retail stores cannot get them, order by 2:30 PST and you’ll have it tomorrow . . .

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