Glasses-Free 3D Android Tablet to Debut at IFA



There is something to be said for glasses-free 3D. If anything is going to make the push towards 3D content jump out in the consumer market it is going to be a device like Nintendo’s 3DS that does not require the purchase of expensive and wonky glasses to produce three-dimensional imagery. So it was only a matter of time until a tablet picked up on the technology, and since it isn’t made by Apple, you guessed it, this tablet runs on Android.

Not much else can be gathered about the device that looks to be called the Supernova other than the 3D capabilities. Perhaps you’ll have better luck gathering info from the original Chinese-text article, which features video and also mentions the device may be based around a Rockchip CPU.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Wow, that thing looks tiny relative to the finger in the picture!

  2. I wonder why all this leaks are coming from China.

  3. @gad

    Probably because most the devices come from China. Most Android tablets (for that matter, most gadgets) are from China, the Galaxy Tab and the Notion Ink Adam are two big exceptions. There are a few other Indian tablets in the works, too.

  4. looks phone sized. what’s up with giant phones and tiny tablets?

  5. Really using display glasses is as natural as using headphones, but that perception hasn’t broken through yet.

  6. The biggest issue with 3D on an android device is that the glasses-free screen really doesn’t like to be touched. Fingerprints and oils from skin can screw up the image quality.

  7. @david – you’re probably right but some of us don’t like using headphones either… ;-)

  8. The nintendo 3DS is due to make thier screen resistent to fingerprint smudging according to some reports.

    If they can incorporate non smuding screen on this then Jobs can eat his heart out!!!

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