Telus Accepting 200 Participants for BACKFLIP Software Upgrade, Not Eclair


Telus is getting ready to roll out another OTA upgrade (which still isn’t Android 2.1, unfortunately) for their Motorola BACKFLIP and they’re looking for 200 participants to help test the upgrade and provide feedback on the process and changes. It’s going to be a game of chance as they’re offering it OTA until they’ve reached 200 downloads, so goto your phone’s System Update menu to check.


After you’ve done that, head back over to Motorola’s support forums to drop your feedback. For a list of all the changes this update brings (as well as instructions for downloading and installation), refer to the official changelog here (English) and here (French).

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wow, did Telus even sell 200 Backflips? I’d be very surprised.

  2. I want an update for my AT&T Backflip

  3. Hey, Telus, my flippin’ Telus HTC Hero is still at 1.5. All other carriers have moved on to 2.1. How about an update for your long suffering Hero customers?


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