Grab the Samsung Captivate for a Mere Penny at Amazon



Forget playing with SCVNGR to earn yourself a measly fifty bucks off the Samsung Captivate. If you head over to Amazon now you can score the Galaxy S handset for a whopping one cent with a new two-year contract. That’s the sort of deal you just can’t beat, especially when brick and mortar establishments are still charging $199 for the thing. Go grab it now, because who knows how long this deal will last.

[via Engadget]

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  1. They need to do this for the Sprint Epic 4g Galaxy S phone…

  2. You’d have to give me 500 dollars to get the phone on at&t

  3. @David- your damn right, I am counting the days until the Epic comes out and I get to call ATT and cancel my service. Fascists…

  4. Very tempting, but two pertinent questions:
    1) How prevalent is the GPS problem? Every device, or only a small fraction?
    2) What is Amazon’s return policy when such an offer is used?

    Since one of the main reasons I want the phone is for GPS navigation, the GPS is pertinent. And if the GPS doesn’t work, I want the ability to return the device.

    Advice would be appreciated.

  5. I had the EVO 4G for two weeks. Never really carried it, since it was so dang big. I was saying that if I had the form factor of the iPhone with the featureset of the EVO or Incredible, I’d go with it.

    Well, I just jumped on this order. I hope I don’t hate AT&T as much as so many others do. I’ve had Sprint and Verizon, and here in Colorado, all carriers have pros and cons.

  6. AT&T needs a high end Android device from either Motorola or HTC.

  7. I have the Captivate on AT&T. I freakin’ love it. Coming from iPhone, the device is a huge step up. Better screen, better interface, and equivalent applications. I have not any any GPS problems, and I use LBS-enabled apps pretty often.

  8. @bouldergeek

    This is a great deal, but it would be even better with the Vibrant on T-mo. Same phone, PLUS that one has ALL of the GSM 3G bands ripe for unlocking! Yes, you can use AT&T and T-mo 3G with the Vibrant :)

  9. If I buy a Captivate using that offer, and try to root it and unlock it, will it work? or do I have to do something else, like activating the device?

  10. Booo – its only for new ATT customers. : /

    Looks like I will indeed jump to Verizon for a Droid or Incredible.

  11. The Nexus One from Google is a high end Android Phone that was being sold to work with AT&T.


  13. Once again, existing customers just aren’t good enough for at&t…
    wait a minute, my two years is up… I suppose a cancellation is due…

  14. I just canceled my AT&T service. Yes, it was just as much fun as I thought it would be. The lady must have been used to those type calls. She didn’t even ask what date I wanted to end the service. She just unplugged me right in the middle of the conversation. I laughed my *#$ off.

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