Vodafone Rolling Out HTC Desire Froyo Update Just as Promised



It seems a rare occasion when a carrier or manufacturer sticks firmly to their update plans, but just as promised last week the HTC Desire on Vodafone is beginning to receive its update to Android 2.2 today. Aside from being an update to the most recent version of Android, this firmware will also remove the Vodafone 360 bloatware added to the Desire in a recent Eclair build. This should make Vodafone Desire owners doubly happy.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Does that mean there’s a Droid Eris update coming too?

  2. If only Vodafone could teach Verizon a lesson…

  3. Just updated my Desire
    Seems to be fine so far and not a sign of Vodafone branding :)

  4. I’m very disappointed that t-mobile are making it’s Desire owners wait until September, my guess that will be the 30th September as well.

    The sooner that t-mobile stop cosying up to Apple and start looking after it’s other customers the better.

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