Aug 23rd, 2010

logo-marketSomething tells me I should have stuck with computer programming courses past high school, as one successful Android developer has made quite the living off of just one offering in the Market. Aaron La, developer of Advanced Task Manager has pulled in just over $77,000 dollars through sales and ad revenue related to the app.

At $0.99 for the paid version of the app, 2009 saw gains of $18,060 while the first half of 2010 has netted $30,400. Ad revenue since November 2009 brought in $28,640 as of August. Quite the impressive figures.

La attributes the exponential earnings to new Android versions that made the market easier to use, though also stating there is a long way to go in terms of providing a better experience for customers to locate new and useful software. Better payment methods and paid apps in more countries are a just a few of thing complaints Aaron La registers.

[via TalkAndroid]

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