Aug 23rd, 2010

It’s usually a painful (and intimidating, depending on the carrier) process to SIM unlock a device, but the Samsung Galaxy S’s unlock codes for the American GSM versions – AT&T’s Captivate and T-Mobile’s Vibrant – are so easily attainable that you don’t need to make a phone call to anyone: they’re stored in a .BAK file on the phone itself.


XDA hackers have come up with a script that would allow you to easily SIM unlock your device of choice, with the added bonus of the Vibrant being able to take advantage of AT&T’s 3G network (the Captivate was stuck on Edge for T-Mobile, unfortunately). This will prove to be very useful for a lot of people who don’t particularly fancy AT&T’s Captivate but can’t live without their service. Anyone going to be trying this out soon? Head on over to XDA to get started, if so.

[via Engadget]