Flash Running on the Droid X [Video]


=One thing that came out of the recently leaked Android 2.2 upgrade for the Motorola Droid X was the now-new possibility for it to play flash. This isn’t unlike anything we’ve seen before – you can expect pretty much the same thing on the Droid 2 – but I must admit it looks especially nice on the 4.3-inch screen donning the Droid X. Check out the video of it running flash below, courtesy of Droid-Life.

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  1. So can’t wait for the update to land on my droid x

  2. I installed the 2.2 upgrade – and have been sorely disappointed with the flash performance. Even with all the horsepower of the Droid X, it still brings the browser to its knees… it still sucks up resources, and it is still just a horrible overall experience. I think Google should be wary of touting flash enabled experience on their platform – because its definitely NOT something I’d put on a demo phone at a kiosk to try and get people interested in your platform.

    just my $0.02.

  3. Don’t like flash then disable it.

  4. @Eddie – try to understand what you read – he clearly wrote that he doesn’t like HOW the Flash works on the DX, not that he dislikes Flash per se… Not posting irrelevant comments will help your keyboard to last longer!

  5. I love Flash and it runs smooth and great on the X. Only the first couple seconds of some videos area little jittery but then it smooths out. Even full flash sites are totally viewable and run great. The iPhone sucked before, now it’s totally obsolete. And the crappy jailbreak Flash hack is clunky and can’t really compare. Steve Jobs was wrong yet again.

    And to the guy above complaining. If you don’t like it you can turn it off (or on demand) in the settings.

  6. @SithSurfer

    Maybe you’re the one should try to understand what you read. If it’s running as badly as the OP stated then he should turn it off and quit whining. It runs well (on most sites) for many people including myself, so obviously he’s either trolling or there’s something different about his X’s setup. In any case, it’s constantly being updated so some hiccups along the way are to be expected.

    In any case what Eddie advised was totally correct – turn it off if it’s that much of a hassle.

  7. I’ve never seen something run so smoothly on my phone. @Tad sucks to be you cause my browser skips through espn.com without a hitch and just because it doesn’t run nice on your phone doesn’t mean Google will stop advertising so keep the dumb comments to yourself

  8. I could have sworn I saw a very similar comment to Tad’s in the comments section of another story here on Phandroid. When I say similar, I mean that post also used the phrase “brings the browser to its knees”. Conclude what you will from that.

  9. haha, tad can’t even creatively complain about his phone. that’s hilarious.

  10. Ok I’m a little confused first off I was told the flash player wasnt in the update which might I add I did manually then expected some patch to come through that I thought was required. Then I was told the flash player was a beta so it might not work well. Then the verizon here told me it wasn’t even on the phone. Then I go to the app market its not there but app brain says it is an it needs an update click on that and it says app can’t be found. Wtf.and managing the apps it shows up but you have no options for it. What the hell is up wig the mystery that is flash.

  11. @everyone who thinks I’m trolling….

    I’m honestly not. I had pretty bad performance on my Droid X with the flash video – specifically with justin.tv which is the only place that I really NEED flash to work on my cell phone.

    The controls for the video are unresponsive… it takes forever to load, and the video quality is not the same as if I looked at a video from youtube. When I hit “mute” on the video controls, it takes 10 seconds for it to actually respond. When I want to fast forward through a video, another 10 seconds before it goes to the new position in the video – and another 15 seconds to actually load the video. On my PC, for the same site, same video, these operations are seemless.

    Once the video is loading and running, the rest of the browser is at a severe performance loss.

    And yes, I’ve complained about this before… under similar stories on other sites. I feel that some degree of moderation to all the fanaticism over flash needs to be heard. Its not enough for android to be that “other” mobile OS to be great, we need great killer features. This is NOT a killer feature YET.

    Otherwise I love my new Droid X. (other than the stupid, non-picasa-synching gallery, but that was fixed by downloading the native 2.2 3D gallery)

    If you think I’m trolling, so be it – nothing I write will convince you otherwise.

  12. @john. Very smart, well worded comments.

  13. Flash works fine on my EVO too. Good to see more phones getting Froyo and flash

  14. I have to agree with Tad. I have plugins set to on demand because Flash ads slow down the browser so much and if you try to scroll by “grabbing” part of the screen with a flash ad, it doesn’t work. Half the time i can’t go into full screen. Videos are very choppy. I was so excited for flash to come out. But it runs so slowly that it is a big disappointment. And yes, I’m happy that it’s an option, but when you compare how it runs to how the rest of Android runs, it feels like you’re trying to run Crysis on a Pentium 2.

  15. Ok, for all of you naysayers out there regarding flash.

    You need to understand something if you don’t already. Adobe is encouraging developers to make sure their flash apps are mobile friendly.

    They have provided all of us developers with guidelines.

    The reason you are experience some performance issues is because not all of the flash applications out there have been optimized for mobile viewing. So YES, it will run on your Droid X. Will it slow it down, yes to some degree.

    The idea is this, you have free choice to use it or not. Which is more than some phone providers out there.

    It’s only gonna get better from here.

  16. Tad wrote on August 23, 2010

    Um, my DX plays with Flash VERY nicely; soooo smooth, whether it was video, or Flash games.

  17. Still waiting and waiting and waiting for the Droid X to get some kind of update.

  18. I recommend switching to on-demand plugins for the time being. This will keep flash ads from bogging down a website when you aren’t trying to view flash content.

  19. I also find the flash experience on my Droid frustrating. Ads that bog down page loads, ~5fps video playback, unresponsive video controls. That’s why I’m flashtrated. Steve Jobs may be right about it afterall (but he is still an arrogant jerk).

  20. droid x 2.2 plays flash like a champ.

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