Amazon: “Wait, No, Jump on THIS Deal”: Samsung Vibrant for a Penny


Yesterday, I thought getting the Samsung Vibrant for $99.99 was a steal, but Amazon’s one-upping T-Mobile by, well – a lot: they’re offering the phone for a penny. Unfortunately, it looks like Amazon’s only offering this to those signing up for a new two-year individual contract as the Vibrant is still only being offered for $149.99 for those who are trying to upgrade. Regardless, if you’re looking to jump to a new carrier and needed a reason to try out T-Mobile (and liked what the Vibrant has to offer), then I’m going to take a page out of Toyota’s book and say: Now’s the time.

amazon for 1 penny

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wow, too bad their network sucks. If it was sprint or verizon ide do it.

  2. agreed cdogg… t-mobile is crappy

  3. receiving 5Mbps download speeds on my Nexus One in Orlando Florida on the T-Mobile network.

    How’s that for crappy?

  4. T-Mobile service is great, I never have dropped calls or anything.

    The speeds are not to bad on 3G, edge on the otherhand is horrible.

    They are also cheaper than the other guys.

  5. Crappy? Depends on where u live, I suppose. In Scottsdale, AZ I get downloads of 5+ mbps. Sprint and verizon don’t come close. I’ve tested both.

  6. I live in Eugene Oregon, service is very decent, CS is fantastic and always has been. T mobile rep told me HSPA+ will be switching on here very soon. But yeah, depends on where you live… If you live in an area where they do not have good coverage don’t sign up with T mobile. How hard is that to understand?

  7. Crappy service? I get unlimited text, talk, internet, and data speeds at 6+ mpbs all for $80/month and the best customer service in the industry (google it).. how is that crappy?

  8. @Tom Is that 5+ milli-bits per second lol

  9. Agreed. Its location. With Tmo in Vegas I get 4,500 Kbps down n 1,300 up Daily!

  10. sort of wish you didn’t have to sign a fucking 2 year contract with this. It’d be great if buying it outright was 200 off as well

  11. So within few months, Vibrant and captivate prices are low, so do yo uthink Epic will go down? Should we wait to get Epic at cheaper price in few months?

  12. Know that they are clearing inventory before these guys become pretty much obsolete in a few months. Once the new HSPA+ phones come out (21MBps), who’s going to want this anymore?

    This is pretty much to sucker in the folks who don’t keep up with the latest news and who know what’s coming up soon.

    And yes, I realize that it’s pretty much always the case that something better is usually “just around the corner,” but in this case, the jump from 3G to HSPA+ is, I think, a pretty big jump.

  13. tmobile’s service is amazing if you stick around to heavily populated areas. all the bigger cities and the metro areas are pretty well covered. however, when you travel, especially out on the country roads, they tend to drop signal. i am on the edge network, but when i head north about a half hour i get on the 3g network and it is a fast, solid network. they could work on expanding their coverage, other than that, i have no complaints!

  14. @DPS
    These low prices are to attract new customers.. Churn (customers switching to a network) is a big deal to the carriers. Selling new phones to existing customers is also nice, but having a customer who will stay with you for a couple years keeps the income coming in.

  15. When you’re lost or stuck in the middle of nowhere THAT’S when you need a smartphone the most.

  16. Had the Samsung Vibrant for 20 days on T-Mobile (bought it for $99 @ Amazon). Couldn’t get much of a signal throughout Montana; horrible battery life (6 hours max with light-to-moderate usage); GPS & location services didn’t work. Service in Miami was better, but email was unreliable. Customer service was OK though.

  17. @ari how often is someone stuck in the middle of nowhere? Normal people need a smart phone most in their everyday life such as checking emails, searching the web, etc…

  18. I traded my mytouchslide for this im in love

  19. It might not be very often but when it does happen it’s a big deal.

  20. maybe amazon will actually accomplish what google set out to do, reduce the power of carriers and encourage customers to move to a third party site for actually choosing a phone based on a lot of criteria like features, OS, Price etc.

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