Jump on This Deal: Samsung Vibrant for $99.99 Today Only


Waking up to a wallet that you’re just itching to open? If you’re looking for a new phone and like what the Samsung Galaxy S has to offer, T-Mobile’s giving you a brief period to upgrade to their latest Android handset for just $99.99 – $100 cheaper than what it normally retails for. I imagine most wouldn’t jump ship from other carriers to get this phone unless their contract is just about to expire, but those of you looking for a reason to upgrade on current T-Mobile contracts might want to act fast. The deal is online only, so head into your local T-Mobile store to try it out before you race back home to pull the trigger on it.

vibrant deal

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. NICE!

  2. amazon has had the vibrant for $99 for awhile now

  3. New activations only :(

  4. Unless you’re an existing customer – then it’s still $199.

    No love….I’m glad I bought mine outright from another customer that received it as an upgrade but wanted to keep his blackberry.

    Finally, my wife is jealous of MY phone.

  5. Yeah, no good for upgrades, it seems, I think you can only buy if you’re a new customer :-(

  6. Actually, AmazonWireless has it for $99 upgrade for existing customers as well. I just pulled the trigger on mine last night.

  7. junk phone with a junk gps. forget it.

  8. @Mario, its better than your backflip, sweetie.

  9. @mario I have no GPS issues and I have not modded the phone at all. My only complaint is the slight hesitation in the phone when opening some programs. way better then the seriously crippled backflip!

  10. @Mario LOL if you think the backflip is better then the vibrant.

  11. (sigh) If only it had a physical keyboard and did not require a new line of service… I’ll stick with my Cliq for now and wait it out for the G2.

  12. Weak sauce… This extra $100 off still doesn’t get the phone down in the range of an even more voice + data plan (no text) over two years with the full retail price on the phone. Better yet, vote with your dollars to protest the ridiculous GPS bugginess by picking one up off of ebay to save another $150.

  13. Deal just got removed from the website.

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