See Flash. See Flash Run. See Flash Run on Google TV [Video]


Rounding out our coverage of this week’s Adobe Android Summit we have a video demonstrating the various uses of Flash 10.1 on Google TV. We were hoping to see a bit more of other areas of the Google TV interface, but sadly Adobe wasn’t at liberty to share much other than the Chrome Browser and it’s built-in Flash. They really weren’t at liberty to discuss much about the Google TV project at all.

As you may recall, Google TV runs on Android 2.1. A special version of Flash 10.1 was built to be compatible both with that version of Android and with the hardware architectures that will run Google TV. See it do web video, games, and a few other things as Adobe’s Aditya Bansod gives us a walkthrough in the video below.

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  1. I hope there is a google TV application that can be installed on HTPCs. With Linux support of course.

  2. i want this sooo bad, they need to get on advertising, before stupid apple comes out with their’s and everyone says google copied.

  3. Can you believe the idiot reporter who asked the question why Google chose Flash over HTML 5 for this? This is an Adobe Android Summit. The presenter told him to ask Google.

  4. @wolverineguy55
    you are absolutely right, the question of (why flash and not html5) is getting boring and has been discussed everywhere hundreds of times and i feel that people ask such a question to sound like they’re tech savvy and actually know about the latest technological advancements

  5. Looks great. I’d be very interested in different wireless devices though. A tablet and pen would be great, but mine cost over $500 and isn’t wireless, so I guess the mouse and track ball will be it for most households.

    I also think the mentioned internet quality might be a bit of an issue. I imagine a lot of people going, “Stupid thing! Why did I pay for this?” when they’re stretching a 360p on a 60″. Most people will know why, but there’s still a lot of people out there that don’t use computers, let alone the internet.

  6. Looks like its getting somewhere.

  7. Hmm, I’ve got a PS3 for that :)

  8. @asfd
    whilst I’m normally the first to bash apple for stealing ideas in this case they did beat google to market
    they certainly wern’t the first,and it was a commercial failure, but it is out there.

  9. Google should just buy Adobe and open source the flash player!

  10. Never was a flash fan on mobile. Its buggy slow and resource hug.

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