LG Optimus Z Does Fashion Shows, Too



You thought LG Korea was going to just stop at Z-Boy? Guess again: how about a fashion show where the LG Optimus Z is the main accessory of choice for each and every model walking the crimson carpet? Well, Z-Boy was still on hand for this little get-up, but he obviously isn’t the main focus – just look at all of those beautiful women (and handsome men?) with those stylish Optimus Zs. Read on for LG’s press release for their reasoning as to why they felt the Optimus Z was perfect for a fashion show.


LG Optimus Z, designer bed free ‘Z-style’ presents

LG Electronics has 17 days from the COEX Millennium Square Optimus Stylish smartphone Z ‘Z-style’ design to emphasize the famous fashion designer Ha Sang Baek was held for the production.

LG Electronics, with the understated sophistication, style and specification of the best smartphone technology jipyakhan ‘Optimus Z (Optimus Z, Model: LG-SU950/KU9500)’ Release the unique fashion show held in commemoration.

‘Optimus Z’ is 11.05 millimeters (mm) thin, intense, clean design lines of the nalryeophamyeonseodo ‘jet-style (Z Style)’ implement, designed to differentiate between the existing phone hwahan is a premium smartphone.

LG Electronics COEX AM Millennium Square, the 17 days free with the bed in the designer to ‘Z-style fashion show’ through ‘Z-style’ started to announce.

More than 10 fashion models in the form of letter Z on stage hasangbaek designers ‘Optimus Z’, inspired by the modern made autumn / winter clothes and the style has caught the attention of visitors to present.

Sense of style is attracting attention from the domestic fashion industry hasangbaek designers took this directly to host fashion shows, as well as regular visitors of the Style Consulting offers on the spot and took part in various events.

LG Electronics booth, prepared separately at the scene of a fashion show, to transmit information wirelessly between smartphone ‘drag-and-Shake (Drag & Shake)’, smartphones and PC’s ability to control the ‘on-screen phone (On Screen Phone)’ Optimus Z’s innovative and smart lifestyle has provided an opportunity to directly experience.

LG Electronics MC Division CYON marketing sinhyeonjun team leader “modern fashion with LG ‘Optimus Z’ style of representation,” said, “We have a variety of marketing innovative style and features an active post,” he said.

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