Sprint’s Epic 4G Reservation Slots All Filled Up


After a few days of being open for reservation from Sprint themselves, all of Sprint’s initial reservation slots for the Samsung Epic 4G have been filled up. You might still be able to try your luck at third party retailers such as Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Amazon, but don’t go in expecting to be guaranteed a device on day one as these things tend to go quick. Sprint’s site indicates that they won’t be taking names for more reservations before the device’s August 31st launch date, but you can still sign up to be notified when they’re back in stock once September 1st rolls around (or some time after that).


[Thanks, Jake!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. hmmm, sounds like they are trying to manufacture hype ?

  2. is that a question or do you just not know how to use punctuation?

  3. ben, you’re probably right?

    your comment makes perfect sense to me.

    i hope they’ll manufacture phones too ;-)

  4. Went to my local Best Buy store to be told they only have 2 on the list for the Epic. I also called Sprint all 5 stores in my area had room left on the reservation. Then I called south florida’s 7 Sprint stores only 1 was full all 6 still had open spots available to reserve.. Just because a few Sprint stores are full doesnt mean anything. AT&T and T-mobile did not sell as many Galaxy phones as anticipated. So dont believe the Hype

  5. I meant that as a question. With evo 4g at 199 dollars, droid X at 199 dollars and captivate at 199 dollars(even less at amazon, I believe it is 49 dollars) why would somebody bother to pick up a top-end phone for 50 dollars more.

  6. I am wondering if John has a point other than asking a grammar question. (By the way Ben, you forgot a “?” at the end of your second posting).

  7. is the new kid on the block.

  8. thats is the new trend with all the carrier, yes is all about building hype, what sprint only order 100.000 of this phone at a time?

  9. @punctuation police no, no other point. been seeing random ?s floating around at the end of sentences lately, just wondering if i was missing something.

  10. in fact from what I know, Backflip is actually selling more than Samsung Captivate in AT&T. Samsung Galaxy S has been a worldwide hit except in US(including in UK, where IPhone 4 is available on all carriers), I wonder why?. Maybe the upcoming release of Dell android phones on AT&T( I am talking about Dell Thunder) will change the situation.

  11. @ Adam

    Yea…your right…Your comment makes sense. Wait..Wait…The At&t & Tmobile Versions are the lesser versions of this device. Ahh thats right. And if the vast Majority of Sprint stores (Across the country) are booked up….then its a better bet they say so instead of saying to a guy in DC…”Hey, some FL stores have some where not out yet.”

    Anyway….i hope people that wanted 2 of these reserved 2 back to back….because i reserved one for my mother at the location down the street…thought about it..and the next day that location was no longer listed..so learned my lesson.

  12. @Adam lol you have too much time on your hands, man.

    @Ben maybe someone would “bother” to pick up this phone instead of those others because they don’t want those other phones. Ever think about that? There are significant differentiating features between each of these phones. Some people prefer the Droid X, or the Evo, or the Captivate. I don’t begrudge them their choices. I’m sure they have valid reasons for choosing the phones that they did. Some other people happen to prefer the Epic and don’t really care that much about an extra $50 for a phone that will end up racking up almost $2000 in service fees over the course of a 2-year contract. What’s another $50 to get you the features that you want? I understand maybe you don’t see the value in those features, but there are plenty of people who do. I’m tired of people not seeing the value in choices between phones and features. Just give it a rest man; if you don’t like the phone, don’t click on the article about it.

  13. Ben: maybe because backflip has a keyboard. There are many options for those who don’t want keyboards. But once a keyboard option pops up, all the keyboard fans go for it.

  14. @Carmex – Absolutely right. I also get tired of these people who click on an article about a phone just to make negative comments. I don’t happen to like a keyboard, so I will stick with the EVO instead of the EPIC, but I’m not going out of my way to write negative comments about the EPIC or people who want one.

  15. I work at radio shack and you can do pre orders there

  16. Agreed @carmex well said

  17. @carmex thanks for bringing in some sanity to the web

  18. Epic will also ship with a 16GB card vs. EVO’s 8. Not a huge difference but neither is $50. Also, without downloading an app, Epic has DLNA streaming which will appeal to a small but growing segment. Add the aforementioned slide out qwerty and $50 is a small stretch for a some nice conveniences. (sticking with my EVO, just the same!)

  19. Awesome display, 4G, Swype text input, 6 axle sensor for gaming, WiMax, HD video, and a physical keyboard. Price seems validated to me.

  20. If AT&T isn’t selling the Captivate, it’s because they seem to be trying to hide it. I went to their website on launch day, after waiting months for it to be released. It wasn’t even mentioned on their home page. It was on their wireless page, but only on the second “slide” of their main ad (the iPhone 4 was on the first). Checked today and the ad on the wireless page mentions a free Refurbished Backflip! Ooh! Where do I sign?

    Same thing at their stores. No signage or anything, even on launch day. Compare this to the launches of the Evo, Droid X, and upcoming Epic. I swear it seems like AT&T is doing their best *not* to sell too many Captivates — that might make daddy Apple mad.

    OK, I know this thread is about the Epic. I’m just saying don’t count disappointing Captivate sales in the mix. The Galaxy S phones are awesome. I have a Captivate and have an Epic reserved for my wife. Granted, there are some issues with the GPS, but the workaround is working fine for me until the official fix is released. Once the Galaxy S phones get Froyo, I think they are going to be mindblowingly good.

  21. If the EVO debacle didn’t convince the public that Sprint is absolutely incompetent in managing stock then their latest open mockery of competence should. I’m a long-time customer of Sprint’s and I’m absolutely disgusted with their phone situation and I’m equally disgusted with them suddenly jacking up both their monthly service rates and jacking up the price of the Epic to make it the most expensive Android phone on the market.

    Verizon here I come!

    P.S., Sprint I’ve experienced your 4G. Congratulations on catching up with everyone else’s 3G!

  22. It is simply amazing to me… Why do so many folks complain about the fact Epic is $50 more than EVO? #1, it’s got a more powerful and newere processor, it’s screen is far more high tech due to the S-AMOLED technology used to manufacture it, it has a full slide out QWERTY keyboard, PLUS, and here’s the kicker… 16 GB of microSD card memory. The EVO, while slightly larger screen-size, with an 8MP camera has a fast yet older processor, uses older screen technology displaying only like 56K colors compared to the 16 million the Galaxy series does, and only came with an 8 GB microSD card. Spec for spec, they’re awesome devices, but feature for feature, and physical hardware compared to physical hardware, EPIC has more, newer, higher tech componentry than does the EVO.

  23. @Will.I.Am82 well said…

    I own an evo and just can’t afford the upgrade at this time, i’ll just finish out my 1 year with the evo and jump onto the next great device released around that time. :)

  24. @Will.I.Am82 Why complain about Sprint gouging customers for the Epic making in the most expensive Android phone on the market? You compare it to the Evo. Why not compare it to other Galaxy S phones? It’s 25% more! People can apologize for Sprint which is clearly taking advantage of their phone shortage to gouge desperate customers and say it has, say, a keyboard and the others don’t but it has the smallest amount of internal memory, a paltry 1 gig, compared to the rest of the pack. Overpriced is overpriced.

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