LauncherPro Plus Update Adds SMS Widget


Federico – LauncherPro’s developer – is making steady progress on his desire to emulate what HTC’s done with their innovative, scrollable widgets: he’s now added an SMS widget to the latest version of Plus. The SMS widget joins bookmarks, contacts, and calendar to make a beautiful package that should make even the biggest Sense fan forget about whatever Sense-less device they may be carrying. Make your way to LauncherPro’s site now if you’d like to order the Plus version (only available at their site due to market restrictions with paid apps in the developer’s home country.)

sms_widget_screenshot1 sms_widget_screenshot2

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  1. Hands down the best Launcher for Android!! I bought it and I don’t even use the new widgets but they are nice and great for those who just can’t live without some of the sense widgets.

  2. As soon as my Hero got the 2.1 upgrade I downloaded LauncherPro. Mainly because I was really looking forward to the 2.1 stock home, which you can’t seem to access on the Hero!

    But apart from now looking sexy as hell, it seems faster, smoother, and still has Sense features like the helicopter view!

  3. I’ve only tried LauncherPro and ADW.Launcher as alternatives to the stock Home app on my Droid, but eventually LauncherPro got my vote, and my dollars, despite the fact that I don’t use its included widgets.

    “…he’s not added an SMS widget…” – I think that should be “now” instead of “not”.

  4. @UncleMike you mean “now” instead of “no” ;)

  5. Will it run on HTC HERO running Cyanogen CM6 anyone please caveman needs!

  6. I tried this app last Friday and was blown away. It took away the turd that is touchwiz 3 on my Vibrant and left a highly custom and good lucking interface. Take note Samsung.

  7. @Last European Caveman, i have the sprint hero and i’m running cyanogen mod cm6. And i use launcher pro. It works very well with it. I was using adw launcher for a bit, and i decided to go back to launcher pro. Launcher Pro is indeed a lot faster than adw.

  8. Been using it almost since I got my Desire. Best launcher out there. Just paid to support the dev, and didn’t even want the widgets, but I ended up using some of them anyway, because I can adjust widget size in LauncherPro.

  9. am i the only one who thinks that Launcher Pro becomes laggy once you put icons and widgets on most of the 5 screens and with high resolution on scrolling !!! i have a nexus one running froyo yet i see no one else complaining about that

  10. this is definitely my favourite app available for android
    everyone should try it out
    seriously amazing

  11. Just installed Launcher Pro on my Droid Eris, looking for a speed boost. I think I definitely got a speed boost, slight as it may be. I also paid for the widgets, which are pretty nice. Only problem so far is that it seems to force close a lot more than the Sense launcher did. I ended up disabling screen rotation on the home screens, which I think might have been part of the problem (Sense never had rotation anyway, so I’m used to it). I am, however, considering possibly rooting and upgrading to a Froyo ROM, as that’s probably the only way I’m going to get any kind of significant speed boost on this thing. Oh well, as soon as the Samsung Fascinate comes out, I’m upgrading anyway, as there’s only so much you can do with a old-architecture 528MHz processor.

  12. Launcher pro looks good, but I was getting too many force closes on my evo running cyanogen cm6. Switched back to adw. Also didn’t like the app drawer. Still I liked a lot better than stock and better than senseless ui. Especially liked the people widget.

  13. While this is a nice development, Slidescreen has included this feature for over a year in their homescreen replacement app. Plus Slidescreen’s interface makes my Moto Droid look like a million bucks! Super slick design – hope more people check it out. (Just an ardent fan here)

  14. Ok, that’s it…. I’m upgrading to LauncherPro Plus tonight when I get home from work.

  15. @Son – Cavemen appreciates your input and will download now! thanks!

  16. I’m running FroydVillain on my Hero which comes with LauncherPro as the default launcher and it’s awesome.

    I had it even when running official FW and with VR12, paid for the Plus version and couldn’t be happier as the app itself rocks and the widgets are superb. The fact you can resize widgets with this app is pretty fantastic too.

  17. Running this on Cronos Froyo 0.2 on my Hero – works a treat. Lovely.

  18. Pure messenger is really better.
    Why only SMS ?
    At least, Pure messenger can replace FriendStream with Gmail, SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter.

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