O2 Releases Xperia X10 Firmware Upgrade (Not Eclair)


It’s been a while since Sony Ericsson announced the non-Eclair upgrade for their Xperia X10 users – said to considerably improve battery life and bring about better performance – but O2’s finally ready to deliver it to their customers. It’s Firmware R2BA020 – the same build with the WiFi bug – but perhaps it’s a small price to pay if you felt the phone was starting to get sluggish and if you were frustrated with battery life.


You can’t receive the upgrade over-the-air, but you can download it using Sony Ericsson’s PC Companion tool. The file clocks in at 153.8MB in size.

[via SE-Xperia]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. *looks down and shakes head in disappointment*

  2. Looks like I’ll be skipping another good ANDROID phone sorry X10 you were on my TOP list but SONY too damn stupid not to put 2.1

  3. #@!& carriers. The latest generic firmware is R2BA026 and I believe there’s been at least 3 other firmware versions in between.

  4. Isn’t it great to even get an update!! Sony you have really excelled and o2 (oh why? more like)
    At least we can now use the new fangled number buttons on the X10 instead of the analogue round dial (google it) to make calls – which is about as useful as it gets :-)
    I have been SE for my last 6 phones but this time lag really has made it the very last time I get one….

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