[Update: Aria and Wildfire, too] Droid Incredible’s and EVO 4G’s 2.2 Source Code Released by HTC


HTC’s gone ahead and released the FroYo-base Android 2.2 source code for their two biggest (or most powerful, more appropriately) Sense-enabled handsets in the United States: the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC Droid Incredible. This is business as usual with these releases opening up many possibilities for developers – such as Cyanogen’s group – to get Android 2.2-based ROMs up and running without much of a problem on these devices.


It’s especially interesting that the Droid Incredible’s 2.2 source was released considering Verizon hasn’t even pushed their supposed upgrade out for it, yet. In any case, keep your eyes on XDA and other scenes in the coming weeks for even more FroYo development as we’re sure a good chunk of the coders there are already getting down and dirty with the source.

[Update]: The HTC Aria and HTC Wildfire have both seen their respective kernel’s source code released, as well. These are Eclair-base 2.1 downloads, we believe, but the more the merrier!

[via Cyanogen, HTC]

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  1. Yay. Maybe soon we’ll get root back for legit OTA 2.2 updaters. :)

  2. Does this mean users have to wait for Verizon to send out the upgrades, opposed to HTC? I know Evo 4G just started pushing out the 2.2 upgrade

  3. Any idea when the official OTA might be out for incredible? What’s the hold up? VZW?

  4. and maybe some “one click root” for us nOObies

  5. Hoping for root to remove all the Sprint bloat that is running in the background

  6. Sick of (im)patiently waiting for the Froyo OTA update for the Incredible. Hope this means it is coming soon.

  7. I am hoping Cyanogen can work quick. I am got on Skyraider last night and am ready to move back. The GPS is horrid. I am 4.5 blocks off right now and that is the best I have seen. Been running around 8 blocks away saying “within 1700 meters”. Done.

  8. I agree with entendu…Big Red needs to push the update. I’m tired of waiting.

  9. @ak

    The EVO upgrades have been out for a couple weeks now.

  10. I’ll just add to what everyone else has said… So where the hell is that update for the Incredible?

    I don’t feel like the phone really needs it, but since 2.2 is rolling out everywhere else, I’m getting impatient.

  11. I just got wifi tether on my 2.1 incredible- what a great app! I’ll miss it when 2.2 is released though i’d still prefer 2.2!

  12. Sooooo…update has to be like right around the corner then?

  13. Anyone get this yet for their DI?

  14. Looks like I’m in line with all the other impatient DI users waiting for the OTA 2.2, but if they Cyanogen mod or others are vastly improved and debugged because of this release, I may just root even after the OTA. Especially, if they take out city ID.

  15. VERIZON!?
    No accessories and froyo for the inc?
    Might have to hang out with sprint for my next two year…

  16. Maybe Cyanogen and co. can get the camera working on CM6 now.

  17. I cannot wait for them to push the 2.2 on the Wildfire! C’mmon it should be that much different to Desire who already had it… what’s the hold up?

  18. I already had wildfire.. i found out amored led is not good enough for looking picture using app like facebook.. it blur.. but the rest is awesome!!!
    Can’t wait for the 2.2…

  19. I’m running 2.2 on my Aria! :D they are release the international aria called the Gratia, and the froyo rom was leaked. It’s awesome!

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