Aug 11th, 2010

HTC’s gone ahead and released the FroYo-base Android 2.2 source code for their two biggest (or most powerful, more appropriately) Sense-enabled handsets in the United States: the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC Droid Incredible. This is business as usual with these releases opening up many possibilities for developers – such as Cyanogen’s group – to get Android 2.2-based ROMs up and running without much of a problem on these devices.


It’s especially interesting that the Droid Incredible’s 2.2 source was released considering Verizon hasn’t even pushed their supposed upgrade out for it, yet. In any case, keep your eyes on XDA and other scenes in the coming weeks for even more FroYo development as we’re sure a good chunk of the coders there are already getting down and dirty with the source.

[Update]: The HTC Aria and HTC Wildfire have both seen their respective kernel’s source code released, as well. These are Eclair-base 2.1 downloads, we believe, but the more the merrier!

[via Cyanogen, HTC]

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