HTC’s Desire HD Gets Shown on Video


A few days ago, we saw first shots of the supposed HTC Desire HD pop up in blurrycam form, but now we’re able to see all angles of this device in full “flesh” and motion on video. We didn’t get a look at the software, but we imagine it’s not unlike anything we’ve seen on other HTC devices with Sense. As for the hardware? We’d venture to say the backside of this device looks more like an HTC HD2 than it does other Android phones in this form factor and screen size.

The specs aren’t anything new either: 4.3-inch touchscreen, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Android 2.2, 4GB of internal storage, and an 8-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording. Other than that, we still can’t seem to bring about any more details regarding its specs, but we feel it won’t be too long before those details come to light.

[via 247 Android]

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  1. No optical trackpad/track ball loses my vote. That’t one of the main reasons I got the desire over the Galaxy S That and Sense beats the shit out of Samsung’s UI

  2. My opinion it didn’t show much….might just be a fake. I did not see a HDMI out like the Evo 4g has. Show the thing running.

  3. no unibody and no trackbal/trackpad?

  4. A phone/screen that big and no kick-stand? That was something which was consistently pointed out in reviews as being a good addition and necessary for a phone that big.

    This just seems like a poor man’s EVO to me..

  5. yes this is more like an android based HD2 than an evo

  6. how can you call this a poor man’s evo just because the lack of a kickstand? I’d take an aluminium design over kickstand anyday. It makes the phone more sturdy and makes it feel more premium.

    Also the specs for this device have NOT been revealed yet. Earlier there were reports of dual cores in the Ace, and the current specs were leaked by some store so im holding out for better cpus (and gpu) then the ones reported here.

  7. i dont get why they dont just release an evo for europe ie. simply no 4g. cant be that hard can it. this desire hd doesnt seem to have front cam or any of the other good things we all wanted from the evo…makes it a little pointless and disapointing.

  8. so ..
    -no front camera
    -no kick stand
    -no aluminum uni-body
    -no trackball
    -no hdmi out

    +but we have a nipple stile camera….

    it is a little disappointment…

  9. Wow, judging by the above posts I can conclude that Android phanboys are bigger primadonnas than iPhone fanboys.

  10. Not likeing it personally. The design of the back looks kind of all over the place if you know what I mean.
    I like my phones to sit flat so I am also not liking the new bulging cameras like on this the EVO and the incredible. I don’t use cases. When I buy nice looking phones, I don’t like covering them up. ;)

  11. Why always have some complains???? this phone is wonderful.

  12. “i dont get why they dont just release an evo for europe ie. simply no 4g. cant be that hard can it. this desire hd doesnt seem to have front cam or any of the other good things we all wanted from the evo…makes it a little pointless and disapointing.”

    Sprint’s network is nothing like what you guys have in Europe. Sprint gives there users a specific GSM phone just to operator anywhere outside the US. So every single radio in the EVO is useless. It’s the same reason why you haven’t seen an iPhone on Verizon, they would have to start from scratch (which is what HTC is doing for europe).

  13. Here how I see it: don’t complain! Because everyone has unique tastes HTC, Samsung, etc. are able to make some many unique designs. This might be someone’s EVO. Personally I like it. If we all liked exactly the same thing then we would have one phone like the iPhone. Maybe we should go back just looking at silhouette so people are full of hope not disappointment.

  14. Not liking the retro look of the Back shell industrial design. Did not see an HDMI port, no front facing camera. SKIP!

  15. why is one corner of the phone blurred out the entire video?

  16. Probably a Carrier Logo. My guess atleast.

    As for everyone telling everyone not to complain.
    Forgive us if we don’t just love everything you love.
    If someone doesn’t like a certain aspect of the new design or anything for that matter, they have every right to say so. Just like you have every right to say you love it.
    Please forgive the entire world for having their own thoughts and opinions and wishing to express them……………

  17. its more attractive than the EVO. I always thought the kickstand is kinda ugly looking

  18. If I had to give a 1 word synopsis…..akward. The back is very ugly for a device this big, and ironically, its what we see most of in the video. Cant we see it in action on that big display? Stop playing footsie with us and pull down that skirt, damnit!

  19. Must admit, I’m considering this for an upgrade from my Magic…though I do kinda hope it has some tricks up its sleeve that we don’t know about (something more graphically powerful than the current Snapdragon would be nice).

    I did notice one thing, though. To me, it looks like the status LED is actually concealed in the earpiece grille as you can see it flashing white at the beginning of the vid. Maybe that black circle is a front camera, after all?

  20. the evo is still better, this has no trackball/pad nor does it have a kick stand like the evo, i mean if ur gonna show off a phone at least show us the display and how the quality of the screen is

  21. I don’t see why every one is complaining about the design of it. I’m interested in the specs. I think it should have an dual core processor and 1gb of ram. Maybe make it more enery efficient and have large batteries so you could go through the day with moderate use and have enough juice till you get home in the night.

  22. Does anyone know what should SRS surround be like?

    BTW, until HTC makes a phone w/4.3 inch scratchproof PixelQi 1280×800 display and some dualcore chip+decent gpu, it’s not worth the upgrade from any high-end device launched this year.

  23. I really like it. I hope ATT will be releasing this phone in the US. That would make me a very happy person :)

  24. if this has a front facing camera im torn between it and the streak. does anyone know if there are going to be any more phones on AT&T released thsi year that might be 4.3 inch plus and have a front facing camera??

  25. Miracle_Nosh,
    You may be onto something there. Noticed the flashing led under the speaker grill aswell. The circle may very well be a cam after all or a proximity sensor.

  26. coming to canada?

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