Droid 2 Units Showing up in Verizon Stock, Another Spec Sheet Leak



When is this phone coming out again? With all of the leaks and info you could almost swear it may have been released last month and Verizon just never got around to telling anyone. Motorola Droid 2 units are beginning to show up in stock at Verizon warehouses, and while the number from this initial screen cap looks low, expect it to rise dramatically over the next two days leading up the the rumored August 12th release of the phone.


Speaking of August 12th, the date is again mentioned on this leaked spec sheet detailing everything you could want to know about the Droid 2 in one place. 1GHz CPU, check. Android 2.2, check. 8GB internal storage, 5MP camera, 3G mobile hotspot. Check, check, check. Can the 12th get here any sooner so these leaks can be plugged?

[via AndroidCentral, Droid-Life]

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  1. And before anyone comments about the Global Ready for use in over 40 Countries, It’s not a world phone just can be used in other countries that use CDMA.

  2. Is the droid 2 a physical keyboardless phone? If not does anyone know when a keyboardless droid is coming to the states, and will it be as powerful and memory loaded as the new droid X.

  3. @lambert58 … The Droid 2 is an updated version of the original Droid and it still retains a physical keyboard. The Droid Incredible and Droid X are both keyboardless.

  4. did the original droid also have the TI processor? as far as i know the TI performs better than the qualcomm…right?

  5. When I read “with Motorola Application Platform” next to Android 2.2 Froyo, I threw up in my mouth. :(

  6. @lambert58, the Droid Pro is coming out sometime near November of 2010. 1.3 ghz processor, 4 inch screen, and world capable.

  7. I like how one of the features is that an “ETF of up to $350 applies.” XD

  8. Is the 802.11n hardware going to be in the Droid 2 ?

  9. This really oughta be called the DROID 1 1/2, cause the only real difference (outside of a different layout for the keyboard) is a faster CPU.

    But whatever. Not my company. (And also not my next phone. I’ll wait for an LTE and/or Dual Core DROID w/ keyboard which I’m sure we’ll hear about by the end of this year.)

  10. @9

    Faster CPU, double the system RAM from the Droid 1 so now it has 512MB, 8GB of onboard storage.

  11. Agree with ICON. I’m an OG Moto Droid user, and my next set will support LTE.

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