Aug 6th, 2010


If the above e-mail we were forwarded from an anonymous source holds any weight, T-Mobile is recalling all remaining stock of the Samsung Behold II back to their return center, signaling a probable end to the device’s life on the magenta network. According to our source an e-mail like this is only received during the twilight of a devices life, citing the same correspondence issued the death knell for the Sidekick. Starting today the Behold II will no longer be stocked or sold in stores, and the remaining stock that is being returned from brick and mortar T-Mobile outlets will be used to fulfill online orders until the device is officially discontinued.

So who will miss the Behold II? After a controversial promised update to Android 2.0 or higher never materialized when it was admitted the device would be stuck at Android 1.6, it left quite a bad taste in the mouths of owners and Android faithful alike. While Samsung hopes to win back some street cred with the proper handling of the Galaxy S line, we can’t blame them and T-Mobile for wanting to forget this little piece of Android history sooner rather than later.

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