Facebook Quickly Releases Fix for Battery Drain Issues in App Update



When it was discovered that Facebook’s updated app for Android contained a bit of code that prevented your phone from fully entering standby and therefor having an adverse effect on battery life, we didn’t think the fix would come so soon. But lo and behold, after acknowledging the issue they have released a new version into the market bringing the app from version 1.3 to 1.3.1. Here is the official statement on the issue:

Hi folks, a number of you have commented on seeing a battery drain on your device since installing the new Facebook for Android app. We have identified the bug that is causing this battery drain and are working on a fix now. As soon as the patch is ready, we will push out an update. Thanks for the quick feedback and for your patience as we get this fixed!

If you numbered yourself among the many reporting poor battery life after the update, go ahead and grab the newest version and you should be set. Just imagine all the stalking you can do with that extended battery life!

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  1. What about the bugs that let people tag pictures of me without my permission or the default settings that allow friends to spam me with app ads all day? Oh nothing on that? OK I’ll continue to not use Facebook.

  2. @Jonathan You can always remove the tag if you don’t like it. And you can hide app ads by hovering over the said post and then clicking the “hide” button in the upper right corner.
    You should give it a try. Facebook is only as secure as you make it.

  3. @Jonathan: People can do that to you on Facebook regardless (unless it’s something you’ve already detagged). Just detag it when you can.

  4. 1.3.1 also drains the battery just as 1.3.0. They didn’t truly fix it, unless there is yet another update that they are calling 1.3.1.

  5. @Jonathan don’t be mad because nobody will accept your friend request. go play in the abandoned internet amusement park that is myspace.

  6. @mmark27 Is that true? Because I’m considering installing the app again :S

  7. I uninstalled facebook and don’t really care if it gets fixed, and yes I use facebook alot.

    My droid X has facebook built in to sync my contacts, I get facebook chat using the new vonage mobile app, and I use the browser (mainly for everything else. With these options which I actually prefer over the app, I really couldn’t care less about an update until they add push notifications for wall posts like on the iphone.

  8. I updated to the 1.3.1 the first day it was available and it didn’t fix squat. Had to FC the app a couple of times, then ‘uninstalled updates’ then killed all running elements of it then left it alone. The batteries on both our EVO’s are thanking me daily. Looks like i’m waiting for 1.3.2 to truly fix the battery drain issue. In the meantime i’m cruising to FB with my browser instead.

  9. 1.3.1 lessens but does not fix the battery problem. Installed until fixed.

  10. Have you guys tried disabling notifications? Does it fix/lesser the problem?

  11. Update does not resolve any battery issue. They need to eliminate that crap service that runs in the background, even if notifications and sync are off. Facebook worked fine without this service. Why add it now?

  12. now if they can work on push notifications for comments, instead of directing us to the website where the user has to continuously log in over and over again

  13. I took it off my phone as well. It was killing my batt even after the patch. I’ll just use facebook for Sense.

  14. Hmm my battery life has been fine. About twelve to fourteen hours on average……

  15. Why the heck do I need to see all the photos everyone has posted on the bottom of the home screen? I hate it..

  16. Un-installed as still sucks battery life and wont let my phone sleep! come on guys sort it. Every precious battery percentage of life counts on these smartphones!

  17. @damon Marable

    I know, right? What kind of BS is that?

  18. great, you can patch a battery drain but can’t come up with the ability to look at your notifications in the app? really?

    facebook for android is horrible, the only thing I like is that in integrates my contacts.

  19. This issue has NOT been fixed. Lol.

    This update is crappy. Why can’t us Droid users have a Facebook application similar to the application that the iPhone has?

  20. I’ve been using the Facebook app on my EVO since i bought it last month. It has never caused me any issues with my battery. In fact, I just searched the market and found Facebook for Android….and it says FREE….meaning I don’t have it…..????? huh? Does this mean that the Evo has a Facebook for Android client natively built into it’s foundation? The one on the market says version 1.3.1 so it’s definitely the battery hog. There is also Facebook for HTC Sense built into the device as well…giving us the options to choose how to interact with Facebook. Now that leads me to my next question…why download the android market version?

  21. furthermore….will 2 Facebook apps running at the same time update your info twice as much?….would that strain the battery? And if the market version is just an update…what a crummy update. I can’t even view the main screen in landscape mode….super gay.

  22. Even the updates update needs and an update….My battery is still getting drained out of nowhere and its because f*$@in facebook come on…

  23. Sucks battery, sucks on notifications, just a rough beta product with a clunky interface. Will wait until live beta testing is over to install again.

  24. I really don’t like the way facebook works on this phone. I have to be constantly refreshing facebook even if I have it set to refresh every 30 minutes. The battery for this phone SUCKS! They really need to imporve the battery situation.

  25. The Fix is here…

    Uninstall Facebook 1.3.1 and your battery problems go away..

    Seriously Facebook needs to really put some effort into correcting the problem before they release untested patches.

  26. So…why does my Facebook app not look anything like that one in the screenshot? (telus milestone, 2.1)

    im so confused..

  27. nevermindddd ^^^^ lol

  28. Why even make an app when it does nothing that the site doesn’t do already?
    Pointless app, use the Facebook site for touchscreens instead at Add a bookmark on your homescreen, one less app cluttering your app drawer and no bugs that affect your phone.
    The site works properly, unlike the app.

  29. The new Update is busted! Force closes all the time, Load Screen loops, Home UI won’t go landscape mode but everything else will. Bad Design, this is really Half @$$ work on FB’s part. Started just going to the main page instead of App..Better.

    Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S SVGS

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