Epic 4G Pre-Order Starting Today at Sprint?



While rumors were hinting that the Samsung Epic 4G — perhaps the most excitement-worthy Galaxy S variant coming to the US — might get its release as soon as next week, a report over at Engadget is suggesting the phone probably won’t launch until at least the 17th. This date is based off of knowledge they have gained suggesting the Epic 4G could in fact be going on pre-order today, a pre-order that will run until the 17th. If pre-orders do begin and end within that time frame it’s no guarantee that the phone will release on the 17th or even 18th, but we should get a better idea once reservations are being taken.

The current landing page for the Epic 4G remains a simple teaser with dolphins and an area to sign up for a mailer, but this should be the same place where you will be able to sign up for pre-orders once available. Only one reservation per customer will be allowed, and there will be no up front downpayment. The catch? You’ll have to act quick and pick up your phone by noon on launch day. So you may want to check the page periodically throughout the day if you’d like to be one of the first to get a truly epic Galaxy S phone.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Why do you have to pick it up by noon? Kinda dumb.

  2. SK, new vegetative technology built into the Epic, with a polarity reversal. This means if you don’t pick it up by noon it turns into a pumpkin.

  3. also the inbuilt warp coil with tesla enhancements will raise your blood pressure to an insane level and may make your head eat itself while you have to watch…

    great device btw. if i wouldn’t have the galaxy s already and if i wouldn’t not live in the us i would definitely buy it! galaxy s (family) FTW!

  4. “crickets ” on sprint preorders

  5. very nice phone, but my EVO will do just as well for me… anyone who gets this phone defiantly can’t go wrong

  6. @Convert


  7. @SK The reason that the phones will have to be picked up by noon is so that the folkes that didnt preorder, for whatever reason, can still have a fighting chance to get their hands on the phone instead of the Sprint stores sitting on phones that, as you read, do not have a down payment. Its called maximizing your revenue, and these days its all about how quickly you can get big numbers in. I know you have read over and over, not only in the cell phone business about the release day or opening day numbers. These numbers set the pace for the manufacturers to restock the stores. *Unless you are HTC and you get boned on your screens and then this lets you know how screwed you really are. If you need me to ramble more, let me know. haha ;)

  8. But i usually call telesales a day or two ahead…thats whack.

  9. HamStar I know the epic has everything but not that kind of everything

  10. oooh we have an iPhoney here…hey guess what? Can you say 200k a day? hehehe

  11. this info is false. i just called my sprint rep and he informed me THEY ARENT DOING PRE-ORDERS FOR THIS PHONE. but it will be available next friday or the friday after that.

  12. Can’t wait, then maybe I will be able to find an EVO for sale at one of the retail outlets! Do you know if Radio Shack and/or Best Buy might be participating in the pre-orders?

  13. Hampteezy’s answer makes perfect sense, but I still choose to think that HamStar is correct.

  14. As a long time Sprint customer I find it amazing that they have gone from a spectacularly awful lineup of phones in past years to two of the most compelling. No matter if you are in the market for a large touch screen or keyboard slide, Sprint has you covered. Hopefully that will continue.

  15. Just called my Radioshack and no, they are not taking preorders and they don’t know when they will be.

  16. yeah, i went into a sprint, radio shack, AND best buy and no one knew about this pre sale.
    BUT i was told that the EPIC would come out next month….this was told me to me at a SPRINT store.

  17. If I read the story on Engadget correctly, it says you have until noon the day AFTER it launches to pick it up. Either way, I’m on a first name basis with the owner of my local sprint store and I told him reserve the first handset for me as I’ll be calling in sick to mine up on launch day. lol

  18. evo is still better.

  19. The evo might be better but damn it, this phone is readily available….er will be once it’s announced and released. Im 13 people away from getting my hands on an EVO thanks to a local wait list at radioshack.

  20. Not impressed by the EPIC or EVO no Wow factor Epic by Engadget review Plasticy and EVO a 1000MHZ Hero, Will Wait Hero still seams up to date compared to these two and $10 cheaper or 240 dollars cheaper at the end of the contract will hold, put dice in my hand COME ON SPRINT give me WOW!

  21. If you don’t think Galaxy S is WOW, than what the hell do you want in a phone? A missle launcher and a babe magnet?

  22. That would be a sweet phone but idk if I’m ready for a missle launcher app. I feel I would abuse it

  23. Will it have GPS? (Other american Galaxies don’t.)

  24. I already have the babe magnet app..(dramatic pause)..and its in my pants. haha Sorry I had to do it. Just imagine Fes (That 70’s Show) saying what i just said and you will laugh too. lol

  25. @last european cavemen, the evo doesn’t have the same video/gaming performance as the epic :-x

  26. im tired of comparing and contrasting of this phone with the evo and every other phone. i need a new one. does anyone know what it means if your screen discolors and wont change back? am i royally fucked?

  27. the dude that’s not wowed by the evo or the gs is freaking nuts…….the evo is hands down the most tech advanced phone on the US market, and this phone is probably gonna be a close 2nd….they both easily hand it to iphone and anything verizon has to offer….btw 4g will be blowing up in the next 6 months, so enjoy any moto droid you get ur hands on and your 1 down and .25 up, right now in chicago evo is 8 down 2 up….this gs will be the same…..the features of 2.2 are incredible and even better when put on one of these 2 phones….i’ve been with tmo, i’ve been with verizon and wouldn’t go near att with a 10 foot stick….sprint is killing it right now with not just any entry level android device, but with the best most high end devices available on the us market, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it douche!

  28. Yes Pete, Yes you are…lol

  29. Sprint rep told me Sat. 8-7 that they haven’t any information about the phone. I hear so many conflicting things about this device’s release. You’d think, even with the teaser site up with the dolphins being videorecorded with an Epic 4G that they’d at least have some sort of advertising in the store to at least drum up interest in the device. It’s as if…they’re not ready to be sold, or haven’t been made. I’ve heard about the regular AMOLED displays being an issue for HTC to get ahold of for the Incredible, but I’m not sure if the same is true for the Epic’s Super-AMOLED display. Either way the dude at Sprint said “They haven’t told us much except it’s on its way, but probably not until September because we usually get in store displays and handsets for training purposes well before a phone drops.” Friend of mine at Best Buy (well know for their $50 reservation gift card phone hold deals) says the same thing (she didn’t even know Sprint or VZW was getting it, just thought AT&T was since they don’t sell T-Mobile phones). My guess is that the Aug 11th date is crap, that the 17th is likely crap, too, and that maybe the 20th is more realistic, but also unlikely. But all the sources that actually match up suggest that maybe Sprint actaully doesn’t even know when this thing is coming out!

  30. @ Will.I.Am82: It’s agreed amongst most that Sprint reps do not know much of anything. You can take anything they say with a grain of sand, friend.

  31. Just sign up for the email from Sprint….. Call as many stores as possible to get on their list and keep your damn phone on… When the evo came out I kept calling people and got their damn Voicemails or Full Voicemails and do you think I told them that I was going to hold that phone for some guys lame ass who could return a phone call to me… HELL NO… when it comes out expect to be the first idiot with problems and good luck getting a replacement… it happens all the time, every new phone someone figures out how to brick it cuz they are installing porn… and they get all pissed at the rep who sold it to them… cuz you D/L porn? wtf…. you mena I cant do that and expect it to still work..

    damn i’m on the rant again.

    Not Sorry,

  32. to bad the calendar is a pile of s and the battery life blows


    go to web page for epic 4g, just reserved mine. 249.

  34. got mine for 200 at amazon, you got screw dude

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