Droid 2 August 12 Street Date Confirmed by Best Buy, Same Day as Verizon Droid Training



The date of August 12th has been floating around for a quite a bit now in regards to the launch of the Motorola Droid 2. We have heard that it will be a bit of a soft launch; Verizon isn’t quite ready to blow this phone up like they have been doing with the Droid X. While the powers that be at VZW remain tight-lipped and silent on the Droid 2, a newly obtained Best Buy internal document confirms the 12th as the day we will meet the next Droid. Could Verizon have any final tricks up their sleeve when it comes to the launch of this phone?


In related news, an e-mail has been sent out advertising a Droid training day at Verizon on the same day. On August 12th owners of Droid handsets can sign up or free in-store training. The mailer makes no mention of the Droid 2 but does picture the original. Could Verizon be using this training session to lure in current Droid owners to purchase the follow-up device? Maybe they’ll be cutting early upgrade deals like they did with the Droid X. Just a few more days before all becomes clear.

[via Droid-Life, 2]

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  1. Hmmm.. tempting. I’m thinking D2 or the Epic. Or do I cut my ties with physical keyboards and go with EVO or DX?? So many great phones coming out these days but none T-Mobile :-/

  2. I am perfectly happy with my original Droid. Nothing other than a 3.0 lte device will get me to upgrade.

  3. i totally agree with jrdroid. my purchased my original droid out of contract, so i’m already due for a verizon upgrade. trying to hold off for an android lte phone.

  4. Very curious about the D2, but since I’m already fairly adept at using my Droid, I’m not going to waste my time with the sales pitch/training. Plus I just did the manual update to Froyo. I’m with jrdroid, I’m going to wait a few upgrades

  5. The Droid X is alittle slow at times-and does this weird sorry browsers down thing when I try to get on Phandroid-brand new phone to-hopfully 2.2 makes things on the X more smoothed out-badass phones-just has its little problems

  6. emiller

    Im the same way i just recently am due for an upgrade but am going to wait til the holidays hopefully they have some lte phones out then who knows we shall see

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