Wind Brings Low-Cost Huawei U8100 to Canada



The Huawei U8100 has been getting out all over the place lately, and the latest carrier to snatch up the modest Android handset is Canada’s Wind. For $160 with no contract commitment, you get just about what you pay for. With hardware like a 3.2MP camera, the U8100 won’t stack up against the behemoth handsets of late, but if you want to rock an Android 2.1 smartphone on a budget or get a first Android phone for a younger person without the hassles of long-term contracts it might be an appealing choice.

[via Wind]

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  1. I want one! I’m in the US. Wonder if if the same rules apply to unlocking the device as it does in the US. Hmm…

  2. $160 for an android phone is pretty good regardless of the specs. The fact that it’s got 2.1 is pretty awesome as well. It’s nice to see a new lower end phone shipping with something geater than 1.5 or 1.6.

  3. actually I wish it was 2.2, much better I think

  4. If this works good on T-mobile I’ll get it for my son. The price point is really good.

  5. gee. Everybody here sounds like they’re marketers for the cell company. Try to sound a littler ‘realer’.

  6. wondering if anyone knows where to get the 2.1 os for the u8100 i updated and no wifi and my sound screetches

  7. Hi, I got the U8100 from Wind Mobile. My only issues: have no useful voice signal at home (text only), and the volume on it isn’t great for anything more than a slightly noisy environment. I got it because is is very slim, and very light weight. Easy to use, texting is good, and it comes with all the latest features.

    According to the specs here, I say this: no, mine did not come in pink only, and no, this unit does NOT have an LED flash. In fact, though it is 3.2MP Camera AND video, the quality sucks.

  8. Love this little phone, it’s my first smartphone and I wanted to go Android. Wish there was a camera on the front for video calls – and wish speakerphone was louder – other than that great device.

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