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Huzzah! The Dell Streak is pretty close to getting Android 2.1. Not Android 2.2, mind you, but Eclair is a pretty big upgrade when you consider the phone has been shipping with Android 1.6 out of the box. The update is said to be headed to the Streak around the end of August/beginning of September, with Froyo coming at some undisclosed point after that. Engadget had a chance to get hands on with some units running Android 2.1, and their overall impressions were very positive.

So what changes? For starters, the Streak will get 720p HD video recording. There is also a revamped keyboard and dialer, along with the standard 3D gallery found in most 2.1+ devices. Screen real estate on the home screen is reduced, with 24 icons fitting comfortably within the space that used to house 32. Some other tweaks around the home screen offer a slightly different experience than before. Check out Engadget’s full report for all the details.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Cool changes: love the keyboard and pinch to zoom in gmaps… but I cant stand to see dell streak stuff anymore because I get agitated that dell and at&t are totally mute on the release or the reasoning for the hold up :(

  2. Yeah but when is this thing dropping?!!!!!!!!!!

    I Am tired of waiting! its pathetic to not annouce a release date Dell !!!!!

  3. I love my streak, best device I’ve ever used, it even seems to be playing properly with o2 hspda network now..
    lets hope this build gets either leaked/ released very soon, or Dell decide to open up the beta process to those who already use their streaks everyday!

    gimme gimme gimme

  4. great job dell, i need to get myself a one very soon

  5. Effe the streak unless it comes to T-Mobile

  6. Didn’t Dell promise 1.6 to 22?

  7. i actually yelled F*** YEAH when i saw the 720p option even tho its 1:30 am

  8. @ Ace Curry: 2.1 september, 2.2 december/january I think is what they are going after… but after all these delays who knows. Dell makes their ui custom but att also adds some stuff, so I imagine a lag time for that too.

  9. @at&t-stop with the could’ves..Yawn..

  10. the streak works with tmo…there are 5 here in austin that unlocked and went to tmo after the att beta streak fiasco

  11. strongly thinking about switching to 02 just for this phone

  12. Hmm..Looks good.
    I like it.

  13. @Brian When you say it works with T-Mobile do you mean just the GSM portion of the phone? Or does it also take advantage of T-Mobile 3G network?

  14. streak rocks, with the upgrade its going to be fantastic

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