Motorola Devour to Receive Update Tomorrow, Not Android 2.1


Verizon must be in an update happy mood as of late, first gracing us with Froyo on the Motorola Droid and now following up with an update to the Motorola Devour. Software version CALAND_X_01.15.10 won’t bring the Devour to anything 2.1 or higher, but it will provide enhancements and improvements to voice-mail, V Cast video on-demand, and 3G coverage. They are also pre-loading the CityID app in the new update to provide city/state display on caller ID. See the image for the full list.


[thanks to our friends at Droid-Life for sending this along!]

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  1. who cares lol i want to know when the 2.1 update for the Motorola cliq will come out. Im tired of waiting

  2. Wooooohooo another Motorola phone snags an update before the Cliq. Remind me never to buy another Motorola product.

  3. well since phandroid doesnt seem to care about an important fact i gave them a couple days ago i mise well come out and say it because it will make this post about the devour alot more important (being that it isnt and prob never will get 2.1)

    Turns out the Droids’ replacement will be the Devour after all. I called/emailed few times and all the same answer. Fun stuff huh? Dont take my word for it.. call yourself..

    apparently that isnt news to phandroid.. last time i ever tip anything..

  4. I have a motorola droid and have not gotten the new 2.2

  5. is this going to break the current root method? that is our only chance of a 2.1 device if someone can get a rom on the devour lol.

  6. verizon doesn’t offer the cliq.

  7. Haven’t gotten the update for the Devour yet. Anyone know what’s going on?

  8. i updated just sunday, however it crashed my phone so verizon is now sending me a refurb. way to go verizon. not updating again until its 2.x. sick of waiting, and for you android users with the cliq, you shouldve known it wouldnt get nearly as much attention as every other android phone. i knew i wouldnt see an update for quite some time, but anyway…time to root.

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